Grameenphone How to Add Delete Change Check FNF | Super FNF

                                 Grameenphone How to Add/Delete/Change/Check FNF/Super FNF bondhu amontron
or Type "017XXXXXXXXand send to 2888 or Type "017XXXXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX and send to 2888 

Normal FNF Change  Dial *111*2*1# 
or  Type "old number new number" and send to 2888.
Example: "017XXXXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX" send to 2888

Super F&F Add 
Type "SF 017XXXXXXXX " send to 2888  

Change Super F&F 
Type "SFC old super F&F new super F&F number" and send to 2888
Example: "SFC 017XXXXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX" send to 2888  

FNF List Check  Dial *111*2*1# 
or Type "FF" and send to 2888