Robi Internet Offers 2020 Data Bonus Offers

Robi Internet Offers 2020 Data Bonus Offers
Robi Internet Packages LTE 4G 3G 2G
- Robi Amazing Offers in the Ghechang Store Dial *999#
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Robi Data Pack Dial *4#
Robi Offers Dial *999# 

Robi Internet Packages 4G 3G 2G

500MB 30Days 33Tk Buy Now

1GB 3Days 41Tk Buy Now

1GB 4Days 48Tk Buy Now

2GB(1.5GB + 0.5GB 4G) 3Days 54Tk Buy Now

2.5GB (2GB+ 0.5GB 4G) 3Days 57Tk Buy Now

2.5GB (2GB + 0.5GB 4G) 3Days 61Tk Buy Now

3.5GB (3GB + 0.5GB 4G) 3Days 69Tk Buy Now

800MB 7Days 89Tk Buy Now

2GB + 50Minutes + 100SMS 7Days 98Tk Buy Now

1GB 7Days 101Tk Buy Now

3GB 7Days 108Tk Buy Now

5GB (4GB + 1GB 4G) 7Days 114Tk Buy Now

7GB (6GB+1GB 4G) 7Days 148Tk  Buy Now

1.50 GB 30Days 209Tk Buy Now

2GB 28Days 249Tk Buy Now

3GB 28Days 289Tk Buy Now

4GB(3GB + 1GB 4G) 28Days 316Tk Buy Now

6GB (4GB +2GB 4G) + 250 Minutes + BDT 30 Cashback + 50 SMS 30Days 319Tk  Buy Now

5GB 28Days 349Tk Buy Now

12GB (6GB + 6GB 4G) + BDT 20 Cashback 28Days 399Tk  Buy Now

15GB 30Days 449Tk Buy Now

10GB (7GB + 3GB 4G) 28Days 501Tk Buy Now

8GB + 400 Minutes + 50 SMS 30Days 529Tk Buy Now

10GB 500Min 100SMS 30Days 599Tk Buy Now

20GB 28Days 649Tk Buy Now

30GB 600Min 30Days 999Tk Buy Now

500MB 3Days 27Tk Dial *123*027#

  1GB 3Days 41Tk Dial *123*41#

  2GB 3Days 57Tk Dial *123*54#

2.5GB 3Days 61Tk Dial *123*061#

  1GB 4Days 48Tk Dial *123*48#

800MB 7Days Recharge 89Tk

   2GB + 50 Minutes + 100 SMS 7Days 98Tk Dial *123*098#

   3GB 7Days 108Tk Dial *123*0108#
   1GB 7Days 101Tk Dial *123*101#
   6GB 7Days 148Tk Dial *123*148#

500MB 14Days 74Tk Dial *123*0074#

500MB 30Days 31Tk Dial *123*31#
250MB 28Days 46Tk Dial *123*110#
800MB 28 Days Recharge 128Tk

1.5GB 30Days 209Tk Dial *123*209#
  4GB 28Days 316Tk Dial *123*316#

  5GB + 35TK Cashback 28Days 249Tk Buy From My Robi App

 15GB (10GB + 5GB 4G) + 40TK Cashback 28Days 399Tk Buy From My Robi App

 40GB + 45TK Cashback 30Days 449Tk Buy From My Robi App

 10GB 28Days 501Tk Buy From My Robi App

 15GB 28Days 649Tk Buy From My Robi App

High Validity Pack 30 GB +1200 Minutes
Validity: 90 Days 1495Tk Buy From My Robi App

High Validity Pack 75GB
Validity: 90 Days 1499Tk Buy From My Robi App

15GB (1 GB anyuse + 14 GB for App [Robi TV/Youtube/Splash/10Min School/Noo App])
Validity: 7 Days
Buy From My Robi App or Recharge 199Tk 

10GB (1 GB + 9 GB for App [Viber/FB Messenger/Whatsapp/Telegram/Google Duo/Zoom/IMO/WEChat/Skype)
Validity: 30 Days
Buy From My Robi App or Recharge  249Tk

Old Offers >>>>
500MB 3Days 27Tk Dial *123*027#
2GB 3Days 54Tk Dial *123*54#
4GB (3GB+ 1GB 4G) 7Days 108Tk Dial *123*0108#
4.5GB (3GB+1.5GB 4G) 7Days 129Tk Dial *123*0129#
6GB 7Days 148Tk Dial *123*148#
1GB 30Days 119Tk Dial *123*0119#
4GB (3.5GB Any+ 512MB 4G) 30 Days 316Tk Dial *123*316#
20GB 30Days 911Tk Dial *123*0996#
30GB 30Days 999Tk Dial *123*999#

-Robi 500MB 2days 36.53Tk(VAT Included) Dial *123*3*2*1#
-Robi 500MB 7days 49Tk *123*049#
-Robi 1GB Internet 7Days 89Tk (VAT Included) Dial *123*089# or Recharge 89Tk
-Robi 2GB 7Days 129Tk(VAT Included) Dial*123*02#
-Robi 3GB 7Days 159Tk(VAT Included) Dial *123*03#
-Robi 2GB 14 Days 149 Tk Dial *8444*2024# Or Easy load 178TK
-Robi 1GB 28Days 175Tk *8444*500#
-Robi 2GB 28Days 265Tk *8444*85#
-Robi Youtube 500MB 2Days 37Tk Dial *123*3*2*1#
-Robi Youtube 1GB 7Days 49Tk Dial *123*1024#



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