banglalink internet offers 2020 data bonus offers

banglalink internet offers 2020 data bonus offers
-Banglalink Internet Packages LTE 4G 3G 2G
-Banglalink Minutes or Data Offer *888#
-Banglalink Discount & bonus on internet Dial *5000*99#

Banglalink 20GB 199Tk internet offer
20GB 7Days 199Tk Dial *5000*199# or Recharge 199Tk
Balance Check Dial *5000*500#


banglalink 14gb 7Days 149tk internet offer
Recharge Tk. 149 or dial *5000*149# to get this special internet pack and start non-stop browsing!
To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500#


Banglalink Mixed Bundle Offers 
This offer can be purchased through MyBL App, eSelfcare or bKash only
10GB + 200 Minutes 30 Days 294Tk
30GB + 400 Minutes 30 Days 498Tk
30GB + 750 Minutes  30 Days 598Tk
Mixed bundle minutes will be applicable only for local calls
Minutes and internet will be usable 24 hours
To check balance for all these bundles, the customer has to dial *121*100#

Banglalink Double Internet Bonus Offer!

12GB 7Days Recharge 129Tk or Dial *5000*577#
8GB  7Days Recharge 108Tk  or Dial *5000*108#
To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500#

*All Prepaid & CnC customers can purchase this offer
*This internet volume can be used for any purpose
*Dial *5000*566# and reply with 1 to turn on auto-renewal or reply with 2 to turn off auto-renewal.


Buy From MyBL App to get 100% Bonus
Install and Login MyBL App Android & iPhone

3GB+1.5GB Bonus 4 Days 58Tk Buy From MyBL App
2GB +  2GB Bonus 30Days 209Tk Buy From MyBL App

6GB + 6GB Bonus 30Days 299Tk Buy From MyBL App

12GB + 12GB Bonus 30Days 399Tk Buy From MyBL App

To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500#


Banglalink Internet Packages LTE 4G 3G 2G
Activate 3G  Dial *5000*545#
Activate 4G Dial *5000*44# Reply with 1
To Get 4G Speed, User Need 4G Handset,4G SIM,Settings 4G Network Selected

1GB 4Days Recharge 36Tk or Dial *5000*36#

2GB 4Days Recharge 49Tk or Dial *5000*49#

3GB 4Days Recharge 58Tk or Dial *5000*58#

2GB 5Days Recharge 89Tk or Dial *5000*516#

500MB 7Days Recharge 42Tk or Dial *5000*588#

1GB 7Days Recharge 76Tk or Dial *5000*76#

1.5GB 7Days Recharge 99Tk or Dial *5000*799#

4GB+4GB bonus 7Days Recharge 108Tk or Dial *5000*108#

+6GB bonus 7Days Recharge 129Tk or Dial *5000*577#

8GB 7Days Recharge 149Tk or Dial *5000*149#

10GB 7Days Recharge 199Tk or Dial *5000*199#

1.2GB 30Days Recharge 119Tk or Dial *5000*503#

2GB 30Days Recharge 209Tk or Dial *5000*581#

3GB 30Days Recharge 249Tk or Dial *5000*249#

6GB 30Days Recharge 299Tk or Dial *5000*299#

12GB 30Days Recharge 399Tk or Dial *5000*599#

18GB 30Days Recharge 499Tk or Dial *5000*508#

30GB 30Days Recharge 699Tk or Dial *5000*699#

45GB 30Days Recharge 999Tk or Dial *5000*999#

*To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500# or *124*50#
*Dial *5000*566# and reply with 1 to turn on auto-renewal or reply with 2 to turn off auto-renewal
*Alternatively, to turn off auto-renewal, type "renew off vol" and send the SMS to 5000. To turn on auto-renewal, type "renew on vol" and send the SMS to 5000
*To deactivate the pack, dial *5000*536#

Old Offers >>>

75MB 3Day 13Tk Dial *5000*543#
500MB 7Days Recharge 49Tk or Dial *5000*588#

-(Not Sure) Banglalink 1GB 7Days 89Tk Dial *5000*516# or Recharge 89Tk Check  *124*50#
-(Not Sure) Banglalink 4Hour Unlimited Data Pack 19Tk (FUF 1GB) Dial *5000*773# Check *121*119#
-(Not Sure) Banglalink 2GB Night Pack (Usable 12AM-12PM) 7Days Dial *5000*77# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure) 500MB 5Days 49Tk Dial *5000*588#
-(Not Sure) 2GB 7Days 129Tk Dial *5000*577#
-(Not Sure) 250MB 3Days 25Tk Dial *5000*77# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure) 2GB 3Days 45Tk  Dial *5000*583# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure)  5GB 7Days 98Tk Dial *5000*584# Check *5000*500#




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