Airtel bd Internet Offers 2020 Data Bonus Offers

Airtel bd Internet Offers 2020 Data Bonus Offers
airtel Internet Packages LTE 4G 3G 2G
- airtel Internet magic offer Dial *222*5#
- Other best Internet Packs *121*999#
- airtel Tong Offer Menu Dial *999# For Internet Offer,Talktime Offer,Bundle Offer

For internet balance Dial *3# or *8444*88#

airtel 10GB 101Tk Internet Offer

airtel 10GB 5Days 101Tk  *123*101#
Data check dial *3#
airtel 10GB 101Tk Internet Offer

airtel Stay Home Pack
6GB 30Days Recharge 429Tk or dial *123*429#
10GB 45Days Recharge 598Tk or dial *123*598#
10GB+600Min 45Days Recharge 648Tk or dial *123*648#
20GB+800Min 60Days Recharge 948Tk or dial *123*948#
Internet pack check *3#
Min check : *778*0#

airtel Internet Packages 2020 LTE 4G 3G 2G

1GB (Only 4G Usable) 3Days 22Tk dial *123*022#

500MB 3Days Recharge 29Tk or dial *123*025#

1.5GB 3Days Recharge 38Tk or Dial *123*038#
2GB 3Days Recharge 44Tk or dial *123*044#

3GB(2GB+1GB 4G) 3Days Recharge 54Tk or dial *123*054#

1.5GB 7Days Recharge 89Tk or dial *123*089#
3GB 7Days Recharge 104Tk or dial *123*104#
5GB 7Days Recharge 129Tk or dial *123*129#

5GB 10Days Recharge 159Tk or dial *123*159#
7GB 10Days Recharge 179Tk or dial *123*179#

2GB 30Days Recharge 229Tk or dial *123*229#
7GB 30Days Recharge 498Tk or dial *123*498#
30GB 30Days Recharge 998Tk or dial *123*998#

airtel Combo Pack Offers
1.5GB + 50min(any local number) 7Days Recharge 98 Taka or dial *123*098#

1GB + 100Min(any local number) 30Days Recharge 148Tk or Dial *123*148#
Minute Checking code: *778*0#
For internet balance Dial *3#

airtel Social Pack Offers
3GB Facebook Messenger 4Days 39Tk Dial *123*39#

Play PUBG 1GB internet 30Days 33Tk Dial *123*033#


Old Offer
512MB 7Days Recharge 45Tk or dial *123*045# 
800MB 7Days Recharge 49Tk or dial *123*049#
1GB 30Days Recharge 109Tk
2GB 30Days Recharge 209Tk or dial *123*209#
3GB 30Days Recharge 298Tk
5GB 30Days Recharge 398Tk 
15GB 30Days Recharge 649Tk



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