Teletalk Internet Offers 2019 Data Bonus Offers

Teletalk Internet Offers 2019 Data Bonus Offers
Teletalk Internet Packages LTE 4G 3G 2G
- Teletalk Dial *111# For All Data/Internet Packages
Teletalk Sagotom SIM Internet Offers
Teletalk Bornomala SIM Internet Offers
Teletalk Oporajita SIM Internet Offers
Teletalk Agami SIM Internet Offers

Migrate to Teletalk 4G (free)
Type "4G" send to 111

Teletalk SIM Internet Offers (For All Teletalk Customers)

3GB 3Days Recharge 33Tk or Dial *111*33#
1GB 7Days Recharge 23Tk or Dial *111*611# 

1GB 30Days Recharge 46Tk or Dial *111*46#  
2GB 30Days Recharge 85Tk or Dial *111*85#     

3GB 10Days Recharge 63Tk or Dial *111*63# 
5GB 10Days Recharge  97Tk or Dial *111*97# 

10GB 15Days Recharge 198Tk or Dial *111*198#

Data check Dial *152# or type u send to 111


Teletalk "Agami SIM" Special Internet Offers or Data Tariff 

1GB 7Days 21Tk Dial *111*600# or Type A1 send to 111
3GB 10Days 53Tk Dial *111*603# or Type A4 send to 111
5GB 15Days 87Tk Dial *111*605# or Type A5 send to 111
1GB 30Days 43Tk Dial *111*601# or Type A2 send to 111
2GB 30Days 81Tk Dial *111*602# or Type A3 send to 111 
10GB 30Days 169Tk Dial *111*610# or Type A6 send to 111

Internet or Data Check Type "u" and  Send to 111

Teletalk "Bornomala SIM" Special Internet Package Offers
1GB 23Tk 7Days Dial*111*611# Or Type B1 send to 111
3GB 59Tk 10Days Dial *111*614# Or Type B4 send to 111
5GB 93Tk 15Days Dial *111*615# Or Type B5 send to 111
1GB 44Tk 30Days Dial *111*612# Or Type B2 send to 111
2GB 83Tk 30Days Dial *111*613# Or Type B3 send to 111
10GB 179Tk 30Days Dial *111*616# Or Type B6 send to 111  
Usage Check Type "U" send to 111

Teletalk "Oporajita" SIM Internet Offers
  • 2GB 7Days Recharge 36Tk or Dial  *111*36#
  • 10GB 10Days Recharge 149Tk or Dial  *111*149#
  • 1GB 30Days Recharge 89Tk 
Get Following Packages,Only for first 3 months after activation
  • 1GB 7Days 8Tk Dial *111*8# or Recharge 8Tk
Check Data Dial *152# or or Type U send to 111


Teletalk "Sagotom SIM" Special Internet Offers
1GB 30Days 46Tk Recharge 46Tk or Dial *111*46#
2GB 30Days 84Tk Recharge 84Tk or Dial *111*84#
3GB 5Days 42Tk Recharge 42Tk or Dial *111*42#
Data Check Dial *152# or Type U send to 111

Teletalk 3GB 33Tk Internet Offer
Validity 3 Days
Dial *111*33# or Recharge 33 Tk
Data Check Dial *152# or Type U send to 111

Teletalk 30GB 449Tk Internet Offer
30GB 30 Days 449Tk
Usage: 1GB per day(uo to 30 days)
To Buy Dial *111*449#  or Recharge 449Tk
Usage Check Dial *152# or Type U send to 111

 Teletalk Jumbo Combo 299Tk Bundle Offer
- 1.5GB Internet
- Any Local Operator 380Min Talktime
-  Any Local Operator 100SMS
*Validity 30 Days
*Talktime Data SMS Usable 24 Hours
To Buy Bundle Recharge 299Tk or *111*299#
Data other balance check *152# or  Type U send to 111

Teletalk Combo Smile 100Tk Bundle Pack
1GB Data
100 Min Teletalk to Any Local Number
200 SMS to Any Number
Pack Validity 7Day
To Activate Dial *111*103#
Data other balance check *152# or  Type U send to 111

Teletalk Internet Packages LTE 4G 3G 2G

Recharge or Dial or Send short code to 111
Data Check Dial *152# or Type U send to 111

Volume & Price Validity Recharge to Activate USSD Activation
    Dial Code
Short Code
Short Code
3 GB @ Tk.33 3 Days Tk.33 *111*33# P33
30 GB @ Tk.449
(1GB per day)
30 Days Tk.449 *111*449# P449
5 GB @ Tk.119 10 Days Tk.119 *111*119# P119
10 GB @ Tk. 187 10 Days Tk.187 *111*187# P187
250 MB @ Tk.24 7 Days Tk.24 *111*503# D82 F82
500 MB @ Tk.39 10 Days Tk.39 *111*513# D52 F52
2.5 GB @ Tk.78 10 Days Tk.78 *111*511# D58 F58
1.5 GB @ Tk.112 15 Days Tk.112 *111*521# D19 F19
2 GB @ Tk.167 15 Days Tk.167 *111*522# D85 F85
3 GB @ Tk.201 30 Days Tk.201 *111*531# D31 F21
5 GB @ Tk.301 30 Days Tk.301 *111*532# D20 F20
8 GB @ Tk.391 30 Days Tk.391 *111*533# D25 F4
10 GB @ Tk.445 30 Days Tk.445 *111*550# D21 F22
15 GB @ Tk.649 30 Days Tk.649 *111*551# D22 F9
20 GB @ Tk.849 30 Days Tk.849 *111*552# D26 F28
30 GB @ Tk.1169 30 Days Tk.1169 *111*553# D32 F31
45 GB @ Tk.1669 30 Days Tk.1669 *111*554# D33 F11
65 GB @ Tk.2225 30 Days Tk.2225 *111*555# D62 F26

Teletalk Internet Data Bonus Offer "Archive"  



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