Teletalk Free Agami 3G SIM Online Registration Process For GPA5 Holders of SSC 2010 to 2017 | Teletalk Agami 3G Prepaid Package Call Rates Internet Plans

Teletalk Free Agami 3G SIM Online Registration Process For GPA5 Holders of SSC 2010 to 2017 | Prepaid Call Rates Internet Plans  

Registratin Starts in 10 June 2017
Registration End in 31 July 2017

- The Agami SIM will be distributed to GPA5 holders at SSC level.
- All students having GPA5 in SSC level and SSC passing year 2017 are eligible for Agami SIM registration.
- The students having SSC passing year-2010 to 2016(who didn't get Agami SIM previously) is also eligible for Agami SIM registration.
- The student is not allowed for Agami SIM who has already received earlier.
- SIM can be collected from his/her Chosen Customer Care after getting SMS from Teletalk.
- Download CC(Customer Care/addreass) code For registration
-Complete Agami SMS registration by sending an SMS to 16222 from Teletalk Mobile number. SMS format: GPA5   SSCBoard   SSCRoll   SSCPassingYear   contactNo   CC_Code(Optional)
Example : GPA5 DHA 12345 2017 01XXXXXXXXX XXX send to
Download Full Notice
Check  Teletalk Customer Care Addreass

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Agami is Special SIM for Students Who got GPA5 at SSC and HSC Powered by Teletalk. Note That, other prepaid user Can not migrate to Agami and also GPA 5 holders has to collect this when registration offered.

Agami 3G Call Rates  24hrs Same rate
Teletalk to TeleTalk 25paisa/Min
Teletalk to Other 60paisa/Min
*10 Sec pulse Applicable
*Vat Applicable

SMS Rates
Teletalk to TeleTalk 25paisa/SMS
Teletalk to Other 35paisa/SMS

Internet or Data Tariff 
Pay per use 1paisa/15 Kb

Special Internet or Data Tariff 
3G 20MB 1Day 6Tk Type "D43" send to 111
3G 1GB 30Days 100Tk Type "D44" send to 111
3G 5GB 30Days 350Tk Type "D44" send to 111
2G 15MB,5Tk,1day Validity, Type D41 and send to 111
2G 1GB, 80Tk,30days Validity, type D42 and send to 111
*VAT Applicable
Internet or Data Check Type "u" and  Send to 111