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Grameenphone Balance Transfer

Author Omar Faruk Abir on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 | 2:22 PM

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First Register

Type REGI and send sms to 1000.
In reply you will receive a confirmation message where the PIN code number for balance transfer will be given.

To Transfer Balance by Built in SIM option (Search SIM menu at Mobile menus )

New Balance Transfer Process
Transfer Balance-> Give Receiver's Mobile Number -> Confirm Mobile No -> Give Amount -> 
Confirm Amount -> Give PIN

New Pin Change Process
Give Old PIN-> Give New PIN-> Confirm New PIN Register

To Transfer Balance by SMS

Type BTR(space)****(PIN)(space)0171***(mb no)(space)100(amount) and send sms  to 1000
Example: BTR 1234 017XXXXXXXXXX 50  and send sms  to 1000

To Change PIN by SMS

Type CPIN (space) OLDPIN (space) NEWPIN (space) NEWPIN and  send sms to 1000
Example: CPIN 1234 4321 4321 and send sms  to 1000

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