Banglalink Internet Offers Data Bonus Offers

Banglalink 3G Internet Data Bonus Offer 
-Banglalink Minutes or Data Offer *888#
-Banglalink  Discount & bonus on internet Dial *5000*99#
-Banglalink my Offer *9000# or *7323#
-My Banglalink Plans
-Banglalink 3G Internet Packages
-Banglalink 2G Internet Packages
-Old Internet Data Bonus Offers

Banglalink 1GB 14Tk Valentine’s Day Offer
Validity 2 Days Dial *5000*1414#
512MB For Self
+ 512MB For Any Banglalink Number as Gift
Type "VFFriend’s BL number and" send to 2500
Example "VF 019XXXXXXXX" send to 2500

-Banglalink 1GB 7Days 89Tk Dial *5000*516# or Recharge 89Tk Check  *124*50#
-Banglalink 4Hour Unlimited Data Pack 19Tk (FUF 1GB) Dial *5000*773# Check *121*119#

-(Not Sure) Banglalink 2GB Night Pack (Usable 12AM-12PM) 7Days Dial *5000*77# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure) 500MB 5Days 49Tk Dial *5000*588#
-(Not Sure) 2GB 7Days 129Tk Dial *5000*577#
-(Not Sure) 250MB 3Days 25Tk Dial *5000*77# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure) 2GB 3Days 45Tk  Dial *5000*583# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure)  5GB 7Days 98Tk Dial *5000*584# Check *5000*500#

Banglalink 1GB 14Tk Valentine’s Day Offer
Validity 2 Days Dial *5000*1414#
512MB For Self
+ 512MB For Any Banglalink Number as Gift
Type "VFFriend’s BL number and" send to 2500
Example "VF 019XXXXXXXX" send to 2500

  • All prepaid and CnC subscribers are eligible for this limited time special offer
  • Subscribers of the data pack will get 512MB-2Day instantly
  • After subscription of the pack, subscriber will be able to gift 512MB bonus by writing VFFriend’s BL number and sending it to 2500
  • Within 24hrs, 512MB bonus will be posted to the referred MSISDN with a validity of 2 days
  • The maximum time to refer someone is within the same calendar day of pack subscription
  • One subscriber can refer only one person once for the referred bonus against his/her data pack subscription each time.
  • Subscriber can refer him/herself also to get the referred data bonus
  • All validities are including the activation date


Banglalink 1GB 5Tk Internet Offer
An amazing offer you cannot afford to miss. Banglalink customers can get 1GB internet for 5TK only! Now you can get 1GB internet by recharging 5TK after buying any of the following internet packages.

First Buy following Packs by recharging
  • 1.5GB @ 99TK/ 7day
  • 2.5GB @ 129TK/7Day
  • 750MB @ 119TK/30Day
  • 1.5GB @ 209TK/30day
  • 3GB @ 399TK/30Day
  • 5GB @ 499TK/30Day
  • 25GB @ 1799TK/30Day
Then 1GB  Recharge 5Tk or Dial *5000*555#
Validity Same as First Pack

Terms and Conditions:
  • The add on pack can be availed only once after each main pack purchase
  • The validity of the Add On pack will expire on the same day of the main pack
  • Customers can avail the offer as many times as they want within campaign period
  • The data volume can be used for using any services
  • The prices are inclusive of VAT, SD & SC
  • After pack expiry, customers can browse data at PAYG rate of 1TK/MB (incl. tax) with 10KB pulse
  • Any prepaid or call & control subscribers will be eligible for this special offer
  • Internet data speed shall vary depending on subscriber’s device, usage pattern and overall network environment

Banglalink 4Hour Unlimited Data Pack 19Tk (Fair use policiy 1GB)
To Activate Dial *5000*773#
To Check Data Dial *121*119#
*VAT,SC,SC Applicable
*Subscriber will be able to access data for consecutive 4 hours at a subscription fee of Tk.19 (Inclusive of all taxes)
​*"Fair usage policy will be applied with 128kbps after 1GB usage"

Banglalink 3G 1GB 7Days Validity at 89Tk Recharge Or Dial *5000*516#
Internet Balance Check  *124*50#
With Banglalink, now you can enjoy 1 GB internet at only Tk. 89 ! You can recharge or dial an activation code to avail this pack, and experience the amazing 3G network of Banglalink.
  •  This offer is applicable for all Banglalink pre-paid and call and control subscribers
  •  To avail the 1 GB internet pack, you have to recharge the exact amount of Tk. 89
  •  You can also dial *5000*516# to get the internet pack
  •  Validity of this packs is 7 days
  •  Charge: Tk. 89 (inclusive of all taxes)


Banglalink 2GB 7Days 129TK
Dial *5000*577#  or Recharge Exactly 129TK
Data Check Dial *5000*500#

-Banglalink Internet Easy USSD Menu Dial  *121*3#
-Activate Banglalink 3G   Dial *5000*545# And Dial *5000# to activate preffered package

Banglalink 3G Internet Packages
9MB 1Day 3Tk Dial *5000*513#
50MB 1Day 13Tk Dial *5000*543#
100MB 7Days 26Tk Dial *5000*522#
175MB 7Days 36Tk Dial *5000*501#
300MB + 200MB Social 30Days 119Tk Dial *5000*503#
1.5GB 30Days 209Tk Dial *5000*581#
3GB 30Days 399Tk Dial *5000*599#
5GB 30Days 499Tk Dial *5000*508#
25GB 30Days 1799Tk Dial *5000*510#

To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500#.
To deactivate the pack, dial *5000*536#.
Dial *5000*566# and reply with 1 to turn on renewal or reply with 2 to turn off auto-renewal.

Dial *5000*600# To Buy 3G Internet Mini Pack
Price Range 1 Tk to 20Tk
Data Volume 3MB to 95MB
Validity 1 or 2Days

Banglalink Recharge Based Internet Package Data Usable both at 2G and 3G

100MB 7Days Recharge Exactly 26Tk
175MB 30Days Recharge Exactly 36Tk
300MB+200MB Social 30Days Recharge Exactly 119Tk
1.5GB 30Days Recharge Exactly 209Tk
2GB 24Hour +1GB Night 12am-12pm 30Days Recharge Exactly 349Tk
5GB 30Days Recharge Exactly 499Tk
25GB 30Days Recharge Exactly 1799Tk

To check recharge pack’s remaining internet balance, simply dial *124*50#.

100MB Social Pack 7Days 7Tk
Dial*5000*476# (without auto-renewal
Dial *5000*576# (with auto-renewal)
-Social media refers to any usage through Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter
-To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500#.
-Once pack volume is fully consumed, 1 paisa/10kb charge will be applicable and speed will be reduced to 128kbps to protect you from bill-shock.

-To deactivate the pack, dial *5000*537#.