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Banglalink 3G Internet Data Bonus Offer 1GB 39Tk| 2GB 150Tk| 4GB 240TK | 1GB 7days 89Tk

Author Omar Faruk Abir on Sunday, November 29, 2015 | 11:57 PM

Banglalink my Offer *9000# or *7323#
Banglalink  Discount & bonus on internet *5000*99#
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Regular 3G PACK 1GB 30Days 210TK+VAT&SD Dial *5000*581#

SLHot OffersPurchaseUSSD Direct Dials
14GB / 30 days @ Tk. 500Purchase*5000*508#
28GB / 30 days @ Tk. 900Purchase*5000*509#
all banglalink prepaid and call & control subscribers can avail the offer. subscribers can avail the offer as many times as they want through any available channels within the campaign period. recharged based 8GB data pack is also eligible under this offer. multiple subscriptions will generate bonus multiple times and remaining bonus will be carry forwarded, if it is within existing validity. out of 150% bonus data volume, 100% is usable all time within validity and 50% is usable only within 2:00AM-2:00PM. bonus data volume will be consumed first then the pack volume. with 8GB data pack, if subscribers consume the full volume after bonus consumptions, still can use data free of cost at a throttled speed within validity. with 4GB data pack, if subscribers consume the full pack volume after bonus consumption, on further data usage subscriber will be charged 10KB/paisa within validity if no other data pack or bonus sustains. the offer will continue till further notice.

Banglalink 99Tk Recharge 1.5GB with 7Days Validity (1GB Internet+500MB Facebook)
Banglalink-99Tk-Recharge-1.5GB-with-7Days-Validity-(1GB Internet+500MB-Facebook)

Banglalink 3G Internet Hot Offers
1GB  1 night pack @ Tk 39 *5000*204#
2GB  10 days @ Tk150 *132*72#
4GB  10 days @ Tk240  *132*130#

*These are non-auto renewal packs but customers can subscribe as many times as they want within the campaign duration
*All Prepaid and CnC customers are eligible for these Hot Offers
*The Night Time pack volume is usable within 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM
*To check balance & validity, dial *124*6# for Regular pack & *5000*500# for Night Time pack
*Above prices are excluding applicable VAT & SD
*These are limited time offers & will be continued till further notice


Banglalink 3G 1GB 7Days Validity at 89Tk Recharge
Internet Balance Check  *124*50#


Banglalink 50MB Free Internet Dial *132*11# । If You Didnt Use Internet in January 2016, You're Eligible for this offer .Again,You can buy 50MB 3Days 5Tk Dial *132*19#

Banglalink 3G Internet Hot Offers
1GB 5Days 64TK  Dial *132*64#
2GB 5Days 130TK  Dial *132*130#
1GB 5Days 72TK  Dial *132*72#
Offer Avalible till February 25, 2016


2GB 30days +2GB Bonus 10days 350Tk Dial *5000*506#



you can’t miss this awesome offer. select your desired pack at these unbeatable rate & validity.
packagepricequota (volume)validity (days)activation string
100 MB flash pack15100 MB3*132*81#
525 MB flash pack79525 MB7*132*82#
1GB flash pack1501GB & 500 SMSinternet 15 sms 3 days*132*83#

  • only banglalink prepaid and call & control subscribers can activate the pack via ussd.
  • to check remaining volume, customers need to dial *124*1010#
  • there will be no auto-renewal for these internet packs.
  • 3% supplementary duty (sd) and 15 % vat on price will be added
  • once a subscriber finishes the allocated volume within validity period, s/he will be able to continue using internet service at a throttled speed of 128kbps. after the consumption of the allocated volume for additional internet usage reduced payg (0.01+sd&vat/10kb) will apply.
  • this offer is valid until further notice
  • Offer 3G 500MB 7days 100Tk Dial *5000*582#


    Offer - 1GB internet @ tk. 87

    ramadan internet pack
    this ramadan, banglalink brings the best internet offer in town. banglalink subscribers can now enjoy 1GB internet at tk. 87, best rate ever for 1 week! this offer is exclusively valid for ramadan.

    how to avail

    package volume price
    (including sd & vat)
    validity activation volume check
    1GB super pack 1GB 87 7 days *5000*516# *5000*500#
    1GB super pack 1GB 87 7 days 87 taka i’top-up *124*50#

    offer details

    • this pack can be purchased by all banglalink prepaid and call & control subscribers
    • the speed for this internet pack is 1Mbps, but the speed may vary based on 3G network coverage, handset capability and usage pattern
    • after volume consumption, reduced pay-as-you go will apply at tk 0.01(+sd & vat)/ 10Kb.
    • the subscriber can purchase this pack as many times as they want during ramadan. 


    Offer - Discount & bonus on internet

    banglalink is offering exclusive discount up to 67% and bonus up to 100% on internet in this ramadan. all you need to do is just dial *5000*99# and get this deal.
    everyone will have his/her corresponding discount and bonus offer. take whichever that suits your need, as many times as you like.

    offer-1 discount:

    • if you take a discount pack on top of another valid discount pack, volume of the earlier discount pack will carry forward
    • there will be no auto-renewal of discount packs. so, after validity date, the pack will expire
    • if you have a discount pack & regular volume based pack simultaneously, internet will be consumed first from discount pack
    • after exhaustion of discount pack, regular pack will be consumed

    offer-2 bonus:

    • if you buy a pack that has bonus offer, whereas you already have bonus in the same bonus account, earlier unused bonus will carry forward. similarly, your unused pack volume, which is still valid, will also carry forward
    • bonus will be consumed first and then pack volume will be used

    generic condition:

    • if pack volume is exhausted before expiry of validity date, then reduced payg charge (1paisa/10kb) will apply
    • after validity expiry, regular payg charge (1.5 paisa/Kb) will apply
    • all are subject to vat & sd, in addition to upon abovementioned charges
    • this is a limited time offer and upon full discretion of banglalink to change the offer at any time 

    Old Offers
    100% data bonus on all packs

    data pack pack volume price (without vat) pack validity
    (including activation day)
    bonus on pack purchase bonus validity
    (including activation day)
    purchase now activation string
    tester 3MB tk. 1 2 3MB 2 purchase *5000*518#
    starter 5MB tk. 2.5 2 5MB 2 purchase *5000*513#
    mini player 40MB tk. 15 3 40MB 2 purchase *5000*502#
    Player 75MB tk. 30 6 75MB 4 purchase *5000*501#
    explorer 175MB tk. 75 16 175MB 6 purchase *5000*517#
    browser 250MB tk. 99 31 250MB 11 purchase *5000*503#
    super browser 600MB tk. 200 31 600MB 11 purchase *5000*504#
    cool rider 1GB tk. 275 31 1GB 11 purchase *5000*511#
    smart surfer 2GB tk. 350 31 2GB 11 purchase *5000*506#
    downloader 4GB tk. 650 31 4GB 11 purchase *5000*508#
    crazy downloader 8GB tk. 950 31 8GB 11 purchase *5000*509#
    mega downloader 12GB tk. 1600 31 12GB 11 purchase *5000*510#
    p4 200MB tk. 50 2 200MB 2 purchase *222*1*1#
    p9 18MB tk. 8 2 18MB 2 purchase *5000*529#
    p10 8MB tk. 4 2 8MB 2 purchase *5000*520#
    p14 25MB tk. 10 2 25MB 2 purchase *5000*543#
    p7 40MB tk. 20 8 40MB 4 purchase *5000*522#
    p8 90MB tk. 50 16 90MB 6 purchase *5000*523#
    1GB smart pack* 1GB tk. 189 31 1GB 11 purchase *5000*547#
    500MB smart pack* 500MB tk. 109 31 500MB 11 purchase *5000*548#
    200MB smart pack* 200MB tk. 50 8 200MB 4 purchase *5000*562#
    *browsing modality of 1GB smart pack- 2am-6pm: browse all websites, 6pm-2am: any internet activity other than audio/video streaming, ftp, torrent download, calls/video calls through applications (skype, facetime etc.)
    • to check validity of the data packs the subscribers can dial *5000*500#
    • to check the validity of the bonus, subscribers can dial *124*44#
    i’top-up based internet packs:
    recharge amount pack volume pack validity: days (including activation day) bonus on pack purchase bonus validity (including activation day)
    tk. 1093 8GB 31 8GB 11
    tk. 147 400MB 31 400MB 11
    tk. 17 60MB 10 60MB 4
    tk. 197 550MB 31 550MB 11
    tk. 2300 20GB 31 20GB 11
    tk. 317 1GB 31 1GB 11
    tk. 37 77MB 6 77MB 3
    tk. 399 2GB 31 2GB 11
    tk. 47 100MB 8 100MB 4
    tk. 8 16MB 3 16MB 2
    tk. 97 230MB 31 230MB 11
    tk. 9 18MB 4 18MB 2
    • the subscribers can also avail the 100% bonus on i’top-up based data packs. the subscribers can go to the retailer and activate the packs by recharging the desired amount.
    • to check validity of the data packs the subscribers can dial *124*50#
    • to check the validity of the bonus, subscribers can dial *124*44#
    • the subscribers will enjoy 100% bonus on any of the packs mentioned above.
    • only prepaid and call and control subscribers can avail 100% bonus, postpaid subscribers are not eligible for this bonus.
    • during usage the internet will be consumed from the bonus internet first. after the allocated bonus is consumed or the validity of the bonus expires then internet will be consumed from pack volume.
    • the subscribers can purchase multiple packs at the same time and avail the bonus allocated for each pack.
    • the subscribers can avail the 100% bonus as many times as they want by purchasing a data pack.
    • this is a limited time offer. 

    Banglalink 3G internet Packages


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