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ollo LTE 4G Upto 50Mbps in Sylhet Jessore Gopalganj Barishal | USIM Card 998Tk With 10GB Data Free | Coverage Areas

Author Omar Faruk Abir on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 | 5:46 PM

ollo LTE 4G in Sylhet Jessore Gopalganj Barishal  | Coverage Areas
USIM Card  998Tk With 10GB Data Free Validity 30Days
Ollo Router + USIM Card +10GB Data = 4000Tk Download Upto 50Mbps

ollo LTE 4G Internet Package

500MB 7Days 99Tk
5GB 30Days 500Tk
15GB  30Days 1000TK
20GB 30Days 500TK Unlimited Pack 30GB 90Days 4500Tk

Self care http://selfcare.ollo.com.bd/

Helpline : 09611016243 or 16243

Coverage Areas - Sylhet Jessore Gopalganj Barishal Mymensingh Rangpur Moulvibazar





ollo LTE 4G in Jessore Coverage Areas


LTE Supported Devices
How will I know if my phone is 4G LTE ready? 

You can check in network settings in your phone usually. If your phone is 4G LTE ready, you will see an option labeled “4G/3G/2G auto” or “GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto” or a similar name specifying “4G or LTE”.
We have listed many models of phones which are 4G LTE ready on our website. See all phones here    
S/NDevice TypeDevice VendorDevice ModelOperating SystemNetwork Support
1Smart PhoneSymphonyHelio S1 Dual SIMAndroidBand 1 & 7
2Smart PhoneOK MobileZADA Z2AndroidBand 7 & 20
3Smart PhoneSony Xperia Z3 DualD6633AndroidBand 7 & 20
4Smart PhoneZTE CorporationZTE Blade ApexAndroidBand 7 & 20
5Smart PhoneSamsung A7A700FDAndroidBand 7 & 20
6Smart PhoneAsus ZenPhone 2ZE550ML GlobalAndroidBand 7 & 20
8Smart PhoneAsus ZenPhone 2ZE551ML GlobalAndroidBand 7 & 20
9MiFiHuaweiE5372 S-32AndroidBand 7 & 20
10MiFiOK MobileLR113DAndroidBand 7 & 20
11MiFiJatonLR113DAndroidBand 7 & 20
12MiFiGreen PacketMX320AndroidBand 7 & 20
13MiFiTP-LINKM7350(UN)AndroidBand 7 & 20
14USB DongleZTEMF821D
15USB DongleZTEMF823
16USB DongleZTEMF831
17Indoor (Cat-3)ZTEMF283
18Smart PhoneZTEBlade Apex
19Smart Phone (Cat-3)SamsungS4-GT-I9505
20TAB (Cat-4) 12.2"SamsungSM_P905
21Smart PhoneNOKIALUMIA 1320
22iPad AIR (Cat-3)Apple64 GB+32 GB
23USB IndoorGreen PacketIF250
24P.RouterInfomarkC3300W (Black-C3)
25P.RouterInfomarkC4000W (White-C4)
26YotaYota Phone

Welcome to ollo LTE 4G real service test umbrella “the fastest speed network ever in Bangladesh”
If you have LTE supported Smartphone/Tab, you are welcome to test your device functionality in Ollo real LTE network. It’s a free trial for those who already has LTE supported handset and can test it in Ollo coverage area using Ollo SIM card. At present this live test starting in ollo office (Address: Floor# 5 & 6, Plot# 19 & 20, Road# 113/A,Gulshan Model Town, Gulshan-2,Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh)
Be the first who successfully tested your LTE device model in the Ollo network and get an attractive free present!!!

1. you have LTE supported handset Smartphone/TAB
2. If you found your handset is a LTE Band 20 and Band 7 (any of them or both)
3. Experience time: 11am to 6 pm (except Friday and Saturday).


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