Check Total SIM(s) Now! Dial *16001# Under 1 NID Maximum 15 SIM, Extra SIM(s)Will be disabled After 31 December,2017

Under 1 NID Maximum 15 SIM(s) (Prepaid & Postpaid) will be allowed.
Extra SIM(s) Will be disable After 31 December,2017
To Avoid this,
Go to customer care and disable extra sim
or Transfer the ownership to other family members if needed.

Check Total SIM(s) with all numbers
Type Last 4 Digit of ID (NID/Passport/Dribing License etc) and send to 16001
or Dial *16001# then reply with Last 4 Digit of ID (NID/Passport/Dribing License etc)Check-Total-SIM(s)-Now-Under-1-NID-Maximum-15SIM-Extra-SIM(s)-Will-Be-Disabled-After-31-December-2017