Banglalion Student Package offer

Student Package

Student Package

Banglalion brings new & exciting plans specially tailored to the needs of students. Now get a NEW connection & enjoy TK. 500 discount on first month rent.
Our Student plans are as follows:

Plan Name
Regular Monthly Fee*
1st Month
Fee after discount*
15% VAT
Total amount to be paid
Campus Lion 6
256 Kbps
6 GB
Tk.1499(USB)+Tk.57.5 =Tk.1556.5
Campus Lion 9
9 GB
Tk.1499(USB)+Tk.230 =Tk.1729

* 15% VAT is applicable on Monthly Fee
** Additional usage charge is Tk. 0.15/MB

  1. Valid student ID must be presented at the time of purchase
  2. One connection per ID.
  3. Valid for new connections only
  4. Not applicable for indoor device.

Q. Are the packages valid for all customers?
Ans. No, the discount(Tk.500)  is applicable for new customers only. But existing customers can migrate to student plan without getting any discounts(Tk.500).

Q. Can I migrate to this package at any time?
Ans. Yes. Any existing customer with a valid student ID card can migrate to any of these student packages. But, he/she will not get TK. 500 discount.

Q. Is Tk.500 discount inclusive of VAT?
Ans. a. Discount is only allowed on monthly rental. Not on VAT amount.

        b. VAT will be calculated after deduction from monthly rental.
For Example: Campus Lion 6 monthly rent will be Tk.50 (550-500). 15% VAT will be added on this amount. So it will be Tk.50 + Tk.7.5 = Tk. 57.5

Q. Can I migrate later to other plan from this package?
Ans. Yes. You can migrate to other Postpaid packages or Prepaid plans at later time. Postpaid to postpaid migration is free but Postpaid to Prepaid migration will cost Tk500.

Q. Should I show any extra document at the time of purchase?
Ans. A valid student ID along with National ID (if National ID is not available then guardian’s National ID is required) & a passport sized photo must be presented at the time of purchase.

Q. Can I purchase multiple devices with a student ID card?
Ans. No.One student ID card holder can purchase one connection.

For more information please call 011 98 98 98 98.



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