Grameenphone Prepaid Packages 10 Sec Pulse Plans On Nishchinto Bondhu djuice Amontron Smile Shohoj Aapon

Grameenphone Prepaid Packages 10 sec pulse Plans On Nishchinto Bondhu djuice Amontron Smile Shohoj Aapon Spondon


To Know Your Current Package Type P and send it to 4444 ( Free Of Cost)

24hr Same Rate to any number  Nischinto
1Super fnf + Other operator lowest rate Amontron
1 Super FNF +17fnf package Bondhu

FNF Menu Dial *2888#

  Nischinto   10 Sec Pulse
Any number 24hour 21poisha/10second (1.26Tk/min)

Local SMS 50 poisha/ SMS (within 160 characters limit)
Migrate: Type "N" send to 4444 or *111*44# or *121*1*6*2#

 Amontron   Package 10 second pulse
GP - Other operators (24 hours): BDT 0.66/ minute
GP- GP (24 hours): BDT 1.20/minute
10 second pulse
To Migrate Type "AM" & Send to 4444

FNF Menu Dial *2888#
One GP-GP Super F&F at 5 Paisa/10 Second (24 hours).
To add a super F&F number in Amontron type "SF 017XXXXXXXX" & send to 2888

 Bondhu  10 second pulse & 18 FNF in total

-18 F&F numbers in total
-1 GP-GP super F&F
-17 (maximum) GP-GP F&F or GP-Other operator F&F in any combination
  • Calls to GP-GP Super F&F numbers at 5.5 poisha/10 second (33paisa/min)
  • Calls to GP-GP F&F numbers at 11.5 poisha/10 second (69paisa/min)
  • Calls to other operator F&F number at 11.5 poisha/10 second (69Tk/min)
  • All GP-GP calls (excluding F&F calls) at 27.5 poisha/10 second  (1.65Tk/min)
  • All GP-Other Operator calls (excluding F&F calls) at 27.5 poisha/10 second (1.65Tk/min)
5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff

To Migrate “B” and sending SMS to 4444
FNF Menu Dial *2888#

Super F&F can be set by writing “SF” (space) your desired GP number “017
XXXXXXXX ” and send to 2888 . Example "SF 017XXXXXXXX " send to 2888

To change your super FnF number please type "SFC old super F&F new super F&F number" and send to 2888
. Example "SF 017XXXXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX" send to 2888 
Normal fnf add dial *111*2*1#  or *121*1*5# or Type "017XXXXXXXX" send to 2888

  Djuice   10 second pulse & 10 FNF in total
Community  (Djuice-Djuice) 11.5 poisha/ 10 second (69paisa/min)
F&F 11.5 poisha/ 10 second (69paisa/min)
Djuice- GP 27.5 poisha/ 10 second  (1.65Tk/min)
Djuice- other operator Number 27.5 poisha/ 10 second  (1.65Tk/min)
Pulse 10 Seconds

To Migrate “D” and sending SMS to 4444  or Dial *121*1*6#

FNF Menu Dial *2888#

Normal fnf add dial *111*2*1# or *121*1*5# or Type "017XXXXXXXX" send to 2888