Robi Mega Bonus Offers

Any prepaid customer can avail this offer except Uddokta, Easyload and Corporate


8 Mins (4mins to Robi & 4mins to Other)+8MB Data+8 SMS + 8 MMS,1 Day validity@ 8 Tk+VAT
>>Dial *8444*88#

15 Mins (8mins to Robi & 7mins to Other)+15MB Data+15 SMS +15 MMS, 1 Day validity. @ 15Tk+VAT >>Dial *8444*15#

110 Mins (55mins to Robi & 55mins to Other)+ 110MB Data+ 110 SMS+110 MMS,7 Days validity @ 100Tk+VAT >>Dial *8444*100#

170 Mins (85mins to Robi & 85mins to Other)+170MB Data+170 SMS+170 MMS,15 Days validity @ 150Tk +VAT  >>Dial *8444*150#

350 Mins (175mins to Robi & 175mins to Other)+350MB Data+350 SMS +350 MMS,30 Days validity @300Tk + VAT  >>Dial *8444*300#

>>SMS usable to any operator,MMS usable to Robi,Gp,airtel
>>Check Robi min *222*2# Other min *222*9#, Data *222*81#, SMS *222*12# & MMS*222*13#
>>you can use these bundle bonus minutes during 24 hrs.
>>FnF and Priyo numbers will be restricted to use the Bundle Bonus mins but if your package is New Shasroyee 38, Anonna 27 or Muhurto 31; you can use these bundle mins to FnF numbers.
>>Eligible packages are: Tarunno 26, Anonna 27,Muhurto 31, Hoot Hut Chomok 32, Robi Club 34, Goti 36, Nobanno 37, Shasroyee 38 and Shorol 39.
>>You can avail any of these bundle offers as many times as you want.




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