Robi Rader!

Now Post Facebook Check-in from your handset without GPS and enjoy Robi Rader!
Robi Radar allows you to find where your Facebook and Foursquare friends are, find tweets nearby, tell where you are and with whom, send messages to all friends who checked-in nearby or ask them to check-in, from any phone with no data plan or GPS.

Follow the below steps to avail the service:
• Open
• Allow all required Facebook permissions
• Accept the Terms of Service
• Send an SMS to 3131 with the code shown on the screen
• You will receive a SMS confirming that service was activated
• Start using the service by sending @ to 3131

Users will be charged Tk. 0.30 + VAT per SMS sent from mobile. All incoming SMS will be free of charge.

For all Phones
With Robi Radar you can:
know where your Facebook friends check-in
share on Facebook where and with whom you are
send SMS to all nearby friends
All this without a data plan or GPS!

For Smartphones
The Robi Radar App shows you, in a easy
and fun way, the places visited by your friends
and where they check-in on Facebook and Foursquare.

1. What is Robi Radar?
Robi Radar is a SMS based service that allows users to share their location on Facebook and Foursquare and find out where their friends are.

2. In which handhelds can it be used?
This Service is 100% compatible with all the handsets.

3. What are the minimum requirements for using Robi Radar?
A handheld that can send and receive SMS
Accept the Terms of Service
Accept the Facebook App permissions

4. Do I have to be a Robi Radar user to access this service?
Yes. Only Robi Radar users can access this service.

5.What is the tariff plan?
Users will be charged Tk. 0.30 + VAT per SMS sent from mobile. All incoming SMS will be free of charge.




Due to interest, attraction and love, it is more than 15 years working on gathering information about the IT sector and work on it. I launched a Facebook page in early 2011 and later a website. You can easily find a lot of information at

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