Teletalk 3G Package "Projonmo" : Full Details

Teletalk 3G SIM 900tk
Including Free 300min Audio Call+Free 500min Video Call+
Free 1000 SMS+Free 1GB Internet

>>Video Call - Only Teletalk-Teletalk & 10sec pulse
8am-12am 3tk/min [50paisa/10sec]
12am-8am 1.20tk/min[20paisa/10sec]

>>Voice call : 10 Sec Pulse
Teletalk-Teletalk 60paisa/min[10paisa/10sec]
Teletalk-Other 96 paisa/min[16paisa/10sec]
Teletalk-Teletalk 30paisa/min[5paisa/10sec]
Teletalk-Other 96paisa/min[16paisa/10sec]

>>FNF Number-1
FNF Voice call 30paisa/min[5paisa/10sec]
FNF Video Call 90paisa/min[15paisa/10sec]
FNF SMS 15paisa/sms

>>All number SMS 45paisa/sms
>>All number MMS 3tk/mms
>> Data 1paisa/5kb

>>3G Data Plan
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