habib’s shadhin on banglalink music station 5858

music station chagres
music station charges: subscription fee: tk. 12.50 (15 days); browsing charge: tk. 0.05/10sec; vat applicable.
amar tune charges: subscription fee: tk 15.00 (15 days); download charge: tk. 15/song; vat applicable.

with immense pleasure we announce the exclusive launch of habib wahid’s latest album “shadhin” on banglalink music station 5858. now banglalink subscribers can exclusively listen to the magical music from habib’s “shadhin” by simply dialing 5858 from their banglalink mobile. so why wait...dial 5858 right away!

you can also set the groovy tracks of the album as your “amar tune” by simply following the below steps:
1) go to your message option

2) type “downsongcode”; select the code from the below chart:

amar tune code amar tune name
54424 haway ure jay
54426 kuasha
54422 abar jodi ami
54428 nishi furay na
54429 tomar amar prem
54427 mon mouri
54425 kichu sriti
54423 akashe urilam
3) send it to 2222
go to your message option, type “down54424” and send it to 2222.



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