Robi e-Traffic Services

Here comes Robi with another innovation to enrich its users’ mobile experience!
Robi has introduced e-Traffic services in association with Dhaka Metropolitan Police for the first time in Bangladesh.
e-tarif   e-Traffic services are available EXCLUSIVELY to Robi subscribers.
Robi users are now able to avail below services via SMS:
  • Validation of Vehicle Registration number
  • Validation of Engine number
  • Validation of Chassis number
  • Validation of Fitness Certificate
  • Validation of Tax Token
  • Validation of ownership details
  • Information regarding Traffic case filed against a vehicle
  • Validation of Driving License
How can you avail the services?
e-Traffic services are accessible only from yourRobi connection. To avail these services,
  • dial *28787#and follow the instructions or
  • Send SMS to 28787 in the formatmentioned in the table givenbelow
How much will it cost?
Only the regular SMS push-pull service charge (BDT 2+VAT per SMS) will be applicable

         Content Categories                              Message Format
Registration Checking
R<space><Vehicle Registration#>
Case Info
CASE<space>Vehicle Registration#
Case Info
Driving License
DL<space>Driving License number as it appears in the card
Chassis Validation
CS<space>Vehicle Registration#
Engine no.Validation
En<space>Vehicle Registration#
Ownership Checking
OWN<space>Vehicle Registration#
Fitness Validation
FT<space>Vehicle Registration#
Tax Token
TT<space>Vehicle Registration#
Prosecution code

  • Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) and Bangladesh Railway and Transport Authority (BRTA) will be solely responsible for the authenticity of the information being provided through these services
  • Users can SMS “Help” to 28787 to know the keywords of e-Traffic SMS Services
  • BRTA is solely responsible for the information on Vehicle Registration number, Engine number, Chassis number, Fitness Certificate, Tax Token, Ownership details and Driving License.
  • Digital Driving License (newly issued) information is not available at the moment
  • DMP is solely responsible for the Information related Traffic case filed against a vehicle
  • In case a vehicle information is not accessible via e-Traffic services, the user enquiring about the vehicle information will have to contact with the respective authority (DMP/BRTA as applicable)




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