Qubee Postpaid : New "Sky Plus" Packages

Sky Plus Plans
Speed -Monthly Fee-Fair Use Policy(FUP)
512 Kbps - BDT 2,250 ( Sky FUP- 45 GB)
1Mbps -BDT 3,250 (Sky FUP-50 GB)
2Mbps - BDT 6,250 ( Sky FUP- 55 GB)

Sky Plans
Speed - Monthly Fee-Fair Use Policy(FUP)
256 Kbps - BDT 850 ( Sky FUP- 25 GB)
512 Kbps - BDT 1,250 ( Sky FUP- 30 GB)
1Mbps -BDT 2,250 (Sky FUP-35 GB)
2Mbps - BDT 5,250 ( Sky FUP- 40 GB)

*VAT is applicable on all charges.

Modem Prepaid 2500Tk
Modem Postpaid 2000Tk

For any queries, please call:
QUBEE Hotlines 09604078233/02 8959911



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