GP Star: Ice-Cream Fiesta at Cream & Fudge!

Join the FREE Ice-Cream Fiesta at Cream & Fudge for STARs! As STAR you can get 10% discount at Cream & Fudge. The Discount is on Ice-cream, Food, Coffee & Drinks from Cream & Fudge only to GP’s STAR subscribers from its 2 outlets located at Banani & Dhanmondi. Eat most in one week to be the weekly FREE Ice-cream WINNER! STAR who receives maximum discount for one week will be the winner for next week Free ice-cream everyday (order for one only up-to BDT 395).
To avail offer customer needs to send SMS as instructed by respective outlet.
Every week 1 (one) STAR Customer shall be declared as winner/ eligible to get Free Ice-cream from Cream & Fudge for 1 (one) week, based on maximum amount of discount availed under campaign. Conditions for the free ice cream:
  • The winner will get free ice cream by sending SMS. SMS sending process will be infomred at respective outlet.
  • The SMS must be sent in person by the winner number at the counter each time he/she visits an outlet.
  • The SMS must be sent BEFORE ORDERING the ice cream.
  • The maximum free ice cream per visit for the week of free ice cream will be BDT 395. Any amount over BDT 395 has to be paid by the customer.
  • The free offer will be only on ice cream served



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