airtel recharge offer

Recharging Tk. 28 or Tk 48, you will get the below benefits:

Tk28 Recharge
Tk28 in Account balance *778#*778#
Tk28 air-air Talktime *778*28#
Tk22 air-airt SMS *778*1#
Tk22 Internet *778*13#

Tk 48 Recharge
Tk48 in Account balance *778#
Tk48 air-air Talktime *778*28#
Tk52 air-air SMS *778*1#
Tk52 Internet *778*13#

2. Bonus validity will be for 2 days including bonus posting day.

3. Daily Instant Cashback will be available to the customers availing this campaign after the end of this campaigns.

4. Acquisition and Super Adda users will not be able to consume bonus under this offer.

5. Pulse will be 10 seconds for bonus talk time.

For further details, call 1212 (FREE)



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