Banglalink "Ahoban" New Plan

Banglalink to Other 60paisa/min+VAT [10paisa/10sec+VAT]
Banglalink to banglalink 1.20tk/min+VAT [20paisa/10sec+VAT]
1 Special fnf 25paisa

Migrate: Type "A" send to 9999

package highlights
*all banglalink pre-paid customers (except e-voucher) can migrate to this package.
*customers will be able to change this package every 7 days.
* to set special fnf, dial: *166*7* banglalink number #.
*customers can change the special fnf once every 7 days. to *change special fnf,
dial: *166*8* old banglalink number * new banglalink number #.
* tariff for all banglalink number except the special fnf will be 20 paisa/10 sec, 24 hours.
* except for raater kotha, other special tariffs are not applicable in this package.
*these tariffs are not applicable for isd call & sms.
*vat applicable.



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