University Admission test er jonno ami eligible kina?

2.30 tk khoroc korei ai beparta check korte paren
apni je university ty aply korte can setate registration sms pathan.
eligible kina ta reply sms a jante parben.

Jemon CU er E unit er jonno
 CU(space)DHA(space)123456(space)2013(space)BAR(space)123456(space)2011(space) E
send to 16222

Quota: CU(space)DHA(space)123456(space)2013(space)BAR(space)123456(space)2011(space)E(space)FFQ
send to 16222



Due to interest, attraction and love, it is more than 15 years working on gathering information about the IT sector and work on it. I launched a Facebook page in early 2011 and later a website. You can easily find a lot of information at

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