Banglalink 3G : NEW 3G PACKS Added

Banglalink 3G : NEW 3G PACKS Added internel data plans packages

All Plans Speed Upto 1mbps
50MB, 30Tk, 5 Days Validity,Dial *5000*501#
20 MB, 20Tk, 7Days Validity, Dial*5000*522#
200mb, 100Tk, 7 Days Validity,Dial *5000*503#
200 MB(5am -10am), 70Tk ,7 Days Validity , Dial*5000*521#
350MB, 200Tk, 10Days Validity,Dial *5000*504#
55 MB, 50Tk, 15Days Validity, Dial*5000*523#
500mb,250Tk, 15 Days Validity,Dial *5000*505#
120MB, 100Tk, 30Days Validity, Dial *5000*525#
1GB, 350Tk 30 Days Validity,Dial *5000*506#
1GB(5am -10am), 200Tk, 30Days Validity,Dial*5000*526#
2GB, 550Tk 30 Days Validity,Dial *5000*507#
50MB, 55 Tk, 30Days Validity , Dial*5000*524#
2GB, 650Tk, 30Days Validity, Dial*5000*528#
2 GB(10pm-10am), 300Tk, 30Days Validity, Dial*5000*527#
3GB, 750Tk, 30 Days Validity,Dial *5000*508#
5GB, 950Tk, 30 Days Validity,Dial *5000*509#
10GB, 1600Tk, 30 Days Validity,Dial *5000*510#

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