Robi Bundle Offers

8 Mins (4mins to Robi & 4mins to Other)+8M
B Data+8 SMS + 8 MMS,1 Day validity@ 8 Tk+VAT
>>Dial *8444*8# or *8444*88#

15 Mins (8mins to Robi & 7mins to Other)+15MB Data+15 SMS +15 MMS, 1 Day validity. @ 15Tk+VAT
>>Dial *8444*15#

110 Mins (55mins to Robi & 55mins to Other)+ 110MB Data+ 110 SMS+110 MMS,7 Days validity @ 100Tk+VAT
>>Dial *8444*100#

170 Mins (85mins to Robi & 85mins to Other)+170MB Data+170 SMS+170 MMS,15 Days validity @ 150Tk +VAT
>>Dial *8444*150#

350 Mins (175mins to Robi & 175mins to Other)+350MB Data+350 SMS +350 MMS,30 Days validity @300Tk + VAT
>>Dial *8444*100#

>>Check Robi min *222*2# Other min *222*9#, Data *222*81#, SMS *222*12# & MMS*222*13#
>>you can use these bundle bonus minutes during 24 hrs.
>>FnF and Priyo numbers will be restricted to use the Bundle Bonus mins but if your package is New Shasroyee 38, Anonna 27 or Muhurto 31; you can use these bundle mins to FnF numbers.
>>Eligible packages are: Tarunno 26, Anonna 27,Muhurto 31, Hoot Hut Chomok 32, Robi Club 34, Goti 36, Nobanno 37, Shasroyee 38 and Shorol 39.
>>You can avail any of these bundle offers as many times as you want.




Due to interest, attraction and love, it is more than 15 years working on gathering information about the IT sector and work on it. I launched a Facebook page in early 2011 and later a website. You can easily find a lot of information at

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