Citycell Prepaid Best Package or Voice or Call Rates or Talk Plans 10sec pulse Packages

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24Hr kom rate sob numbere "Ullash"
fnf lagle "Ananda"

ULLASH 10 Sec Pulse
Migrate to Ullash, Type "J" send to 4567

ULLASH - TIME - To Citycell & Other Operators
VOICE 24 Hours Tk.0.84/min
SMS Tk.0.50

10 Sec Pulse
To migrate, type “A” & send to 4567
Enjoy the best rates with the most number of FnF numbers.
A total of 9 FnF's with 4@0.25/min on net & 5@0.65/min off net (Pulse)
Ananda -TIME -To Citycell -To Other Operators
VOICE -11PM-9AM Tk. 0.30/min -Tk. 0.72/min-
9:01AM-10:59PM Tk.0.60/min - Tk.1.08/min
FnF -24 Hours-
Tk.0.30/min - 4 citycell numbers
Tk.0.72/min- 5 other operator numbers
SMS Tk.0.50

To Set FnF: Type – FnF No. & send to 1111 SMS port
To View FnF number(s): Type – View & send to 1111 SMS port
To Change existing FnF number: Type – Change Old Number New Number & send to 1111 SMS port

Citycell How to Add/Delete/Change/Check FNF Super FNF



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