New SIM + Symphony W85 @ 9,999 TK. You will get up to 3 GB 3G Bonus Internet, 1200 Minutes Bonus Talk time, 1200 SMS, and 3 amazing Free VAS

Bundle Features:
  • 3 GB 3G Internet Bonus
  • 1st Month 1GB 3G Internet Bonus - sms "bonus" to 5000 or call 01678600786 to get first month bonus internet
  • 2nd Month 1GB 3G Internet Bonus - subscribers will receive 2nd month internet on the 31st day of activation
  • 3rd Month 1GB Internet Bonus - subscribers will receive 3rd month internet on the 61st day of activation
  • All 3G Data will be provided at 1 Mbps Speed.

  • 1200 Minute Bonus Talktime and 1200 Bonus SMS - Subscribers will receive 100 Minute Bonus Talktime (Airtel to Airtel) and 100 bonus SMS for every cumulative recharge of BDT 50 for 3 months.
Subscribers can receive up to 400 minutes Bonus Talktime (Airtel to Airtel) and 400 Bonus SMS every month for 3 months.
  • 3 Amazing Free VAS
  • 1st month - Free 150 Minute Video Call
  • 2nd month - Free 1 month subscription to Air Tunes.
  • 3rd month - 120 free video clip download

Tariff type Default Start-up tariff Tariff against
BDT 22 recharge
Voice Call Outgoing (in BDT)
Airtel to Airtel 0.78 0.60
Airtel to Other Operators 0.78 0.60
Airtel to Airtel FnF N/A 0.25
Airtel to Other Operater FnF N/A N/A
Pulse (in Seconds) 10 1
FnF Count N/A 1

* All prices are excluding VAT

  • 3G Internet bonus validity will be 30 days (bonus posting day + 29 days), Talktime bonus validity will be 5 days (bonus posting day + 4 days) and SMS bonus validity will be 5 days (bonus posting day + 4 days).
  • Upon full consumption of Bonus Internet, customer can opt for purchasing new data packs. If no new data pack is selected, consumption will be billed at 10 KB/paisa. The customer will still enjoy 1 Mbps download speeds.
  • Free  VAS:
  • 3rd Month: Customers will be able to download 4 free video clips daily for 30 days – 120 in a month.
  • 2nd Month: Free Airtunes Subscribtion will be activated automatically and customers will receive confirmation SMS and a link they can download themselves. Customers will get 30min free browsing/streaming minutes every day and can avail other features like full track download. After end of 30 mins of free browsing/streaming every day, users will be charged BDT 2.3 per minute for browsing/streaming.
  • 1st Month:  150 minute free video call will have validity of 30 days.
  • Validity of special tariff against recharge of BDT 22 will be 10 days (Recharge day + 9 days)
  • All new connections will have preloaded amount BDT 20 with 60 days validity from the day of activation and can be used for any purpose
  • New Customers will start getting Cashback bonus from 1st recharge after 90 days of activation.
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