airtel Prepaid Best Package or Voice or Call Rates or Talk Plans 10sec pulse Packages

                                                airtel prepaid packages

Ak Rate 24hr lagle #Hoicoi, #Golpo or #bijoy16
2fnf lagle #hoicoi
beshi fnf lagle #Adda

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Plan ti pete Recharge 16tk & Get Following Call Rate
42paisa/min airtel-airtel 24hour
90paisa/min airtel-other 24hour
10Sec pulse
SMS airtel/other 39paisa
Internet Gprs 2paisa/kb
MMS 5tk

*16Tk Recharge 3 Monther Jonno ai callrate paben
* Akbar Recharge korlei hbe
* Plan ti off korte call 786

know more 786,01678600786

10 Second Pulse
Migrate : type 'G', and send to 7353, or just dial *121*8*2#.
Time Slot 24 hrs
to airtel 0.96tk /min or 0.1600tk /10sec
to other numbers 0.96tk /min or 0.1600 tk /10sec
SMS Outgoing 0.39 tk /min

#HoiChoi- our new prepaid plan with 1 second pulse and rates as low as half-paisa per second!
So that you can make every second count, Hoi Choi gives you:
· 1 second pulse from the 1st second
· 2 special FnFs
· Airtel FnF @ half-paisa/second
· Other operator FnF @ 1 paisa/second
· All other calls @ 1.65 paisa/second
To migrate to hoi choi, type H and SMS to 7353

To add FnF, type ADD016XXXXXXXX (FnF number) to 7353 (free)

Time Slot- 24 hrs.
Voice Call Outgoing (in BDT)
On-net 0.99tk /min
Off-net 0.99tk /min
On-net FnF 0.30tk /min
Off-net FnF 0.60tk /min

SMS Out going (in BDT)
On-net 0.39tk
Off-net 0.39tk
On-net FnF 0.29tk
Off-net FnF 0.29tk

Packages Fetures
Pulse(in Seconds) 1
No of FnF 2

*VAT Applicable

10 Second Pulse
*Migrate-type 'A', Or 'NA' and send to 7353, or just dial *121*8*1# to select your 8 fnf (any operator) for endless chatting hours.
*To add FNF, customer has to dial *121*41#, or SMS "ADD016XXXXXXXX" (desired FNF number) to 7353 (free).
*To delete FNF, customer has to dial *121*42#, or SMS "DELETE016XXXXXXXX" (FNF number) to 7353 (free).

Voice Call Outgoing 24hours
to airtel 0.96 tk /min or 0.1600 tk /10sec
to other numbers 1.29tk /min or 0.2150tk /10sec
to airtel FnFs 0.36tk /min or 0.0600tk /10sec
to other FnFs 0.79tk /min or 0.1317tk /10sec

No. of FnFs 8

SMS Outgoing
to airtel 0.29tk
to other numbers 0.49tk
to airtel FnFs 0.29tk
to other FnFs 0.49tk

 airtel How to Add/Delete/Change/Check FNF



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