Banglalink Internet Offers Data Bonus Offers

Banglalink 3G Internet Data Bonus Offer 
-Banglalink Minutes or Data Offer *888#
-Banglalink  Discount & bonus on internet Dial *5000*99#
-Banglalink my Offer *9000# or *7323#
-My Banglalink Plans
-Banglalink 3G Internet Packages
-Banglalink 2G Internet Packages
-Old Internet Data Bonus Offers

Banglalink 9.5GB 29Tk+10Tk Internet Offer
2.5GB 7Days 129Tk Recharge Tk129 or dial *5000*577#
Then Recharge Tk10 or dial *5000*1010# for daily 1GB ( Total 7GB)

Other Offers

  • 220MB 7Days 26Tk+5Tk
    First, Recharge Tk26 or dial *5000*522#
    Then, Recharge Tk5 or dial *5000*555#
  • 400MB 30Days 47Tk+5Tk
    First, Recharge Tk47 or dial *5000*585#
    Then, Recharge Tk5 or dial *5000*555#
  • 1.2GB 7Days 49Tk+5Tk
    First, Recharge Tk49 or dial *5000*588#
    Then, Recharge Tk5 or dial *5000*555#
  • 2.9GB 7Days  99Tk+5Tk
    First, Recharge Tk99 or dial *5000*799#
    Then, Recharge Tk5 or dial *5000*555#
  • 20GB  30Days 499Tk+5Tk
    First, Recharge Tk499 or dial *5000*508#
    Then, Recharge Tk5 or dial *5000*555#

-Banglalink 1GB 7Days 89Tk Dial *5000*516# or Recharge 89Tk Check  *124*50#
-Banglalink 4Hour Unlimited Data Pack 19Tk (FUF 1GB) Dial *5000*773# Check *121*119#

-(Not Sure) Banglalink 2GB Night Pack (Usable 12AM-12PM) 7Days Dial *5000*77# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure) 500MB 5Days 49Tk Dial *5000*588#
-(Not Sure) 2GB 7Days 129Tk Dial *5000*577#
-(Not Sure) 250MB 3Days 25Tk Dial *5000*77# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure) 2GB 3Days 45Tk  Dial *5000*583# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure)  5GB 7Days 98Tk Dial *5000*584# Check *5000*500#

Banglalink Get daily data bonus for 7 days by recharging once only!
Banglalink has launched an amazing offer, where the customers can get daily internet bonus by adding just 10Tk or 5Tk!

Step 1 : Buy any pacakges from table below
Step 2: To Get the Daily Bonus
- Recharge Tk5 or dial *5000*555#
- Only for 2.5GB 7Days 129Tk ,Recharge Tk10 or dial *5000*1010#
Banglalink-Get-Daily-Data-Bonus-For-7-Days-By-Recharging-Once-Only-129Tk-2.5GB+-7GB Bonus

Pack volume
Daily Bonus @5TK extra
(recharge Tk5 or dial *5000*555#)
Pack Activation
Daily Bonus @10TK extra
(recharge Tk10 or dial *5000*1010#)
Pack Validity/ Bonus days
Recharge Tk129 or dial *5000*577#
7 days
Recharge Tk499 or dial *5000*508#
30 days
Recharge Tk99 or dial *5000*799#
7 days
Recharge Tk49 or dial *5000*588#
7 days
Recharge Tk47 or dial *5000*585#
30 days
Recharge Tk26 or dial *5000*522#
7 days

  • Any Banglalink Prepaid and C&C subscriber can avail the add-on offer
  • After recharging Tk10/Tk5 once after purchasing packs eligible for bonus, customers will keep getting the daily bonus till pack validity
  • To check usage of the daily bonus, customers need to dial *124*550#
  • The bonus will be disbursed everyday up to pack validity. The remaining volume from the bonus amount will not be carried forward to the next day.
  • Add-on pack can be bought only once after any of the main pack purchase.
  • This is a limited time offer

Banglalink 4Hour Unlimited Data Pack 19Tk (Fair use policiy 1GB)
To Activate Dial *5000*773#
To Check Data Dial *121*119#
*VAT,SC,SC Applicable
*Subscriber will be able to access data for consecutive 4 hours at a subscription fee of Tk.19 (Inclusive of all taxes)
​*"Fair usage policy will be applied with 128kbps after 1GB usage"

Banglalink 3G 1GB 7Days Validity at 89Tk Recharge Or Dial *5000*516#
Internet Balance Check  *124*50#
With Banglalink, now you can enjoy 1 GB internet at only Tk. 89 ! You can recharge or dial an activation code to avail this pack, and experience the amazing 3G network of Banglalink.
  •  This offer is applicable for all Banglalink pre-paid and call and control subscribers
  •  To avail the 1 GB internet pack, you have to recharge the exact amount of Tk. 89
  •  You can also dial *5000*516# to get the internet pack
  •  Validity of this packs is 7 days
  •  Charge: Tk. 89 (inclusive of all taxes)


-Banglalink Internet Easy USSD Menu Dial  *121*3#
-Activate Banglalink 3G   Dial *5000*545# And Dial *5000# to activate preffered package

Banglalink 3G Internet Packages
9MB 1Day 3Tk Dial *5000*513#
50MB 1Day 13Tk Dial *5000*543#
100MB 7Days 26Tk Dial *5000*522#
175MB 7Days 36Tk Dial *5000*501#
300MB + 200MB Social 30Days 119Tk Dial *5000*503#
1.5GB 30Days 209Tk Dial *5000*581#
3GB 30Days 399Tk Dial *5000*599#
5GB 30Days 499Tk Dial *5000*508#
25GB 30Days 1799Tk Dial *5000*510#

To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500#.
To deactivate the pack, dial *5000*536#.
Dial *5000*566# and reply with 1 to turn on renewal or reply with 2 to turn off auto-renewal.

Dial *5000*600# To Buy 3G Internet Mini Pack
Price Range 1 Tk to 20Tk
Data Volume 3MB to 95MB
Validity 1 or 2Days

Banglalink Recharge Based Internet Package Data Usable both at 2G and 3G

100MB 7Days Recharge Exactly 26Tk
175MB 30Days Recharge Exactly 36Tk
300MB+200MB Social 30Days Recharge Exactly 119Tk
1.5GB 30Days Recharge Exactly 209Tk
2GB 24Hour +1GB Night 12am-12pm 30Days Recharge Exactly 349Tk
5GB 30Days Recharge Exactly 499Tk
25GB 30Days Recharge Exactly 1799Tk

To check recharge pack’s remaining internet balance, simply dial *124*50#.

100MB Social Pack 7Days 7Tk
Dial*5000*476# (without auto-renewal
Dial *5000*576# (with auto-renewal)
-Social media refers to any usage through Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter
-To check remaining pack balance, dial *5000*500#.
-Once pack volume is fully consumed, 1 paisa/10kb charge will be applicable and speed will be reduced to 128kbps to protect you from bill-shock.

-To deactivate the pack, dial *5000*537#.