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 banglalink values its relationship with customer and strongly focuses on nurturing the bond.your loyalty for being with banglalink means a lot to us. to show our gratitude, banglalink customers who use more than tk. 150 every month will become part of this exciting program called priyojon. priyojon members can receive exciting gifts from banglalink, enjoy discounts in over 450 partner outlets, and get free life insurance coverage!


Become a priyojon member

to become a priyojon member, you need to have a banglalink prepaid, postpaid, sme, or call & control number. all you have to do then is use a total of tk. 150 or more in one month by making calls, sending sms, or using banglalink internet normally, and you’ll automatically be a priyojon member in the next month! no additional registration is required.
to check your priyojon membership status, or to know more about the priyojon program, dial *6000#.
new members will begin with a priyojon silver status, and after 3 months they can be upgraded to gold or platinum status based on their average usage.
priyojon silverpriyojon goldpriyojon platinum
use tk. 150 – 199 every monthuse tk. 200 – 699 every monthuse tk.700+ every month
dial *6000# to check your priyojon membership status
banglalink reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer without any prior notification.

Check Your Prize Point  Dial *567*1# or *6000#
Get Your Gift   Type SMS Code from  Chart and send to 5678

Keyring,Cap,Bag Pack,Mug and Hanset should be collected from customer care

Exciting banglalink gifts!

you can redeem exciting gifts with your priyojon points! in an sms type the code number of the gift and send it to 5678.
key ring
200 points
code: K
575 points
code: T
school tiffin box
800 points
code: J
school water bottle
1,200 points
code: N
1,200 points
code: M
1,800 points
code: S
universal mobile charger
2,000 points
code: P
3,500 points
code: Q
3,500 points
code: R
memory card (microsd)
4,000 points
code: U
pen drive
4,000 points
code: V
4,500 points
code: X
priyojon basic handset
9,000 points
code: H
blending machine
13,000 points
code: Y
priyojon basic plus handset
16,500 points
code: H1
pressure cooker
20,000 points
code: Y1
mobile power bank
26,000 points
code: Y2
rice cooker
26,000 points
code: Y3
priyojon 3G handset
40,000 points
code: H2
couple’s dinner at a 5 star hotel
65,000 points
code: W
* due to ongoing promotions, actual product image may differ from the image shown

Talk-time, sms and internet prizes

you can redeem bonus talk-time, sms, internet and exciting gifts with your collected priyojon points! in an sms type the code number of the gift and send it to 5678 and also by dialing *6000*1*3#
bonus talk-time and smspoints neededcodevalid for
tk.5 talk-time, 25 sms50l1 day
tk.35 talk-time300a2 days
300 sms300b2 days
tk.100 talk-time500c3 days
500 sms500d3 days
tk. 350 talk-time + 50 sms1000e5 days
tk. 1050 talk-time + 450 sms2500f10 days
bonus internetpoints neededcodevalid for
2 MB35i11 day
5 MB65i21 day
10 MB80i33 days
15 MB120i43 days
20 MB150i57 days
50 MB350i68 days
  • to check bonus talk-time and sms balance: dial *124*4#.
  • to check bonus internet balance: dial *124*14#.
  • talk-time can be used for banglalink numbers (except fnf numbers) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm only. sms can be used for banglalink numbers only
  • bonus internet is applicable for prepaid subscribers only

Collect priyojon points

you can collect priyojon points in a virtual account by normally making calls, sending sms, or using mobile internet with your banglalink number. you will receive points every week and once every month depending on your usage. the more you use your banglalink number, the more points you’ll receive.
dial *567# to check your priyojon point balance
welcome pointsget 50 points if you’ve been using your banglalink for more than 1 year
weekly points
receive points for using your banglalink number every week
silver membertk.10 = 1 point
gold membertk.8 = 1 point
platinum membertk.7 = 1 point
bonus weekly points
for being with banglalink
number less than 2 years old1 points
number 2 – 5 years old2 points
number over 5 years old3 points
monthly points
receive points every month for crossing a total monthly amount
tk. 150 = 10 points
tk. 400 = 30 points
tk. 1000 = 100 points

priyojon discount for banglalink postpaid
if you use a banglalink postpaid number and become a priyojon, you will receive discounts on your monthly bill, based on how much and how long you’ve been using your banglalink number! this means the more you use and the longer stay with banglalink, the more discounts you will receive!
monthly bill*you’ve been with banglalink for…
less than a year1 – 2 years2+ years
tk. 401 – 15007% discount8% discount10% discount
tk. 1501 – 30008% discount10% discount12% discount
tk. 3001+10% discount12% discount15% discount
* excluding btcl & international calls, and vat
terms and conditions
  • you need to have at least 1 outgoing call or sms from your banglalink number every week to enjoy weekly and monthly points. using bonus talk-time or sms will not count.
  • your points will empty if there is no activity in your number for 90 days
  • your length of stay with banglalink will be calculated starting from the date you activated your banglalink number
  • if you use postpaid package 1, the discount amount will be adjusted with your monthly bill. if you use postpaid call & control, the equivalent discount amount will be uploaded to your account every month



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