Dual sim lowest call rate flat tariff tips trics

Combination 1 

Gramenphone Amontron and Banglalink Ahoban use krte paren

Grameenphone Amontron theke other number/Operator 66paisa/min always (24 hr)
Banglalink Ahoban theke other number/Operator 60paisa/min always (24 hr)
Migrate to GP Amontron Type "AM" send to 4444
Migrate to Banglalink Ahoban Type "A" send to 9999

That means Banglalink numbere call diben Grameenphone theke 66 paisha/min
& onno sob operatore call diben
Banglalink Ahoban theke 60 Paisha /min
10 Sec Pulse to acei

Grameenphone Amontron Package 10 second pulse 
Grameenphone - Other operators (24 hours): BDT 0.66/ minute 
Grameenphone - Grameenphone (24 hours): BDT 1.20/minute
10 second pulse
To Migrate Type "AM" & Send to 4444

Banglalink Ahoban Package  10 second pulse
Banglalink to Other 60paisa/min+VAT [10paisa/10sec+VAT]
Banglalink to banglalink 1.20tk/min+VAT [20paisa/10sec+VAT]
1 Special fnf 25paisa
Migrate: Type "A" send to 9999
*all banglalink pre-paid customers (except e-voucher) can migrate to this package.
*customers will be able to change this package every 7 days.
* to set special fnf, dial: *166*7* banglalink number #.
*customers can change the special fnf once every 7 days. to
*change special fnf, dial: *166*8* old banglalink number * new banglalink number #.
* tariff for all banglalink number except the special fnf will be 20 paisa/10 sec, 24 hours.
* except for raater kotha, other special tariffs are not applicable in this package.
*these tariffs are not applicable for isd call & sms.
*vat applicable.

Combination 2

Echadao Grameenphone Amontron / Banglalink Ahoban + airtel Hoicoi o Arekta best combination
Alpo somoi kota bltee hoicoi 1sec pulse package
Grameenphone Amontron / Banglalink Ahoban theke other operatore (bl,robi,air,city,..) Call diben

Migrate to airtel Hoicoi, Type "H" send to 7353

airtel Hoicoi 1 Sec pulse Package Details

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