Freedom Of Limitless Speed!!
Yes! now you can get unlimited speed with the recharge of mentioned plans in your OLLO connection


Plans Title Speed Amount(BDT) Usage
Weekly Starter Unlimited* 129 0.5 GB
Monthly Rusher Unlimited* 499 3.5 GB
Ruler Unlimited* 1498 12 GB

  • Enjoy *unlimited speed with best effort up to 5Mbps.
  • After consuming the usages get connected with 64kbps till validity period( as per current policy, should get recharge within 5 days of validity expire of previous month)
  • Upload speed would be up to 1.5Mbps.
  • if any churn customer recharge any of these plans won't get 64kbps facility but if he/she recharge their account within 5 days after validity expire of this plan they can avail it from next month (as per current policy).
  • We're considering the "Starter" low volume as (0.5GB) for: web & email browsing, "Rusher" 3.5GB for mail, web, FB & you tube, & "Ruler" 12GB for mail, web, FB, video & you tube. So, anyone can choose any plan for their own convenient.
  • It's a limited time offer. So, visit your nearest retail store & top-up now.

  • The validity of the data: weekly plan is 7 days, monthly plans is 30 days.
  • You can top-up multiple times within the campaign period.
Call 09611016243 for details.

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