Ollo WiMAX Freedom Of Limitless Speed | upto 5mbps speed

Freedom Of Limitless Speed!!
Yes! now you can get unlimited speed with the recharge of mentioned plans in your OLLO connection


Plans Title Speed Amount(BDT) Usage
Weekly Starter Unlimited* 129 0.5 GB
Monthly Rusher Unlimited* 499 3.5 GB
Ruler Unlimited* 1498 12 GB

  • Enjoy *unlimited speed with best effort up to 5Mbps.
  • After consuming the usages get connected with 64kbps till validity period( as per current policy, should get recharge within 5 days of validity expire of previous month)
  • Upload speed would be up to 1.5Mbps.
  • if any churn customer recharge any of these plans won't get 64kbps facility but if he/she recharge their account within 5 days after validity expire of this plan they can avail it from next month (as per current policy).
  • We're considering the "Starter" low volume as (0.5GB) for: web & email browsing, "Rusher" 3.5GB for mail, web, FB & you tube, & "Ruler" 12GB for mail, web, FB, video & you tube. So, anyone can choose any plan for their own convenient.
  • It's a limited time offer. So, visit your nearest retail store & top-up now.

  • The validity of the data: weekly plan is 7 days, monthly plans is 30 days.
  • You can top-up multiple times within the campaign period.
Call 09611016243 for details.



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