Robi Bangla Messenger is first of its kind Bangla messenger service that provides instant messaging (IM) to subscribers who do not own a smart phone. Subscribers can chat not only with their phone contacts and also make new friends.  Robi Bangla Messenger is entirely SIM based service unlike other instant messengers which are handset dependent,. Even if phone is lost the IM can be accessed only by inserting the same MSISDN SIM card. The service recognizes the user from MSISDN, no username or password is required for the user to remember. Subscribers can also chat with their facebook contacts via this messenger service.
Robi Bangla Instant Messenger (IM)

Service Details

1. No matter what phone do you use. If it has got Mobile Internet connectivity, the application shall run smoothly.
2. Application offers a feature whereby you can make new friends, or you can even fetch your Facebook friends and chat with them. Inside the application, go to Chat with Facebook Friends, provide your Facebook credentials and post authorization process, your Facebook friends shall be fetched and you can immediately start chatting with them.
3. To change the chat language, click on the ‘EN’ button right next to the chat box and then select the language to wish to chat in

Activation and Deactivation

To subscribe type ‘REG’ & SMS it to 21270
To unsubscribe, type ‘OFF’ or ‘ALL OFF’ or 1111 & SMS it to 21270

How to Use

1. User subscribes to the service by sending ‘REG’ & SMS it to 21270
2. Users then receive a confirmation SMS and a web url/ link to access the messenger
3. User then opens the web url and provides his name and may/may not upload his profile pic.
4. User then lands on the search page where he can choose from the following: Chat with a stranger, Chat with Facebook friends, Search for his personal contacts
5. If he chooses to chat with a stranger, application fetches users who have given their permission to chat with strangers and are online at that moment. Subscriber can select one of the users of his choice and start chatting with him/her.
6. If user chooses to chat with Facebook friends, he shall be asked to provide his Facebook credentials. On authorizing the application fetches his friends list and then user can select one of his friends to start chatting with him.
7. If users wants to search for his contacts, he can provide their mobile number and application would search the user for him.
8. While chatting, subscriber can choose his preferred language to chat among in Bangla or English.


The subscriber would be charged BDT 2 + VAT per day. Data charges are applicable.
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