Grameenphone introduces Backup SIM, a unique SIM replacement solution, for the Star Customers!!

Another privilege for the valued Star Customers! From now on, Grameenphone Star Customers can collect Backup SIM from our own GPCs FREE to secure their connectivity more.

Backup SIM is basically a Replacement SIM that customers can purchase in advance and preserve with them; in case of getting his active SIM lost or damaged in future, customers can activate the Backup SIM by their own without visiting the touch point further.

This is a very unique service in telecom industry which will empower customers to get back into the network immediately in case of lost and damage SIM. In Backup SIM, customer will enjoy the self service facility; through SMS, IVR and e-Care customers can activate their Backup SIM by their own from anywhere. Customers can also block the Backup SIM if needed, collect and change their PIN also by themselves. There is no service hour restriction; customer can enjoy 24x7 service from anywhere even from abroad.

We believe Backup SIM will make customer life easy by providing prompt customer support, ensuring 24x7 service hour, facilitating the roaming customers and helping our customers in a crisis moment (SIM lost/damage). Besides, this will minimize the interim revenue loss happening for the lost and damage SIM and help to build up positive customer experience.
Some key points regarding the service:
  • Only Grameenphone Star customers can collect the Backup SIM from our own GPC at free of cost.
  • Same Customer Verification Process applicable for SIM Replacement will be followed in Backup SIM issue.
  • Customer has to fill up the SIM Replacement form which will be available in our system.
  • Customer can make the Backup SIM active by his own through SMS, IVR and e-Care.
  • Whenever the customer makes his Backup SIM active, his regular SIM will be deactivated instantly; both the SIM can’t be active at a time.
  • Backup SIM can’t be activated to any other MSISDN except the assigned one.
  • Customer can preserve only one Backup SIM at a time.
  • Customer must have a PIN, which he can change as per his choice, for Backup SIM service.
  • A user manual will be provided to the customers during Backup SIM purchase where all necessary information/process regarding Backup SIM services will be mentioned.
  • Customers who have the Registration Form can avail this service.
So, why to wait? Have a Backup SIM, stay connected and go beyond!
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