Teletalk 3G Video call

To make a video call Caller and Receiver 3G handset with Video call option and also between 3G Coverage area.

Projonmo 3G  Video call Rates
8am-12am  24paisa/10 sec or TK. 1.44 /Min
12am-8am 16paisa/10 sec or 96paisa/Min

Youth 3G  Video call Rates
8am-12am  12.5paisa/10 sec or TK. 1.50 /Min
12am-8am  8.5paisa/10 sec or TK. 1.02 /Min

Ekush 3G  Video call Rates
8am-12am  25paisa/10 sec or Tk 1.50/Min
12am-8am   15paisa /10 sec or 90paisa/Min

Bijoy 3G  Video call Rates
8am-12am  2.6paisa/sec or Tk 1.56/Min
12am-8am   1.8paisa/sec or Tk 1.08/Min
Shadheen 3G Video call Rates24 Hour   24paisa/10s or Tk. 1.44/min

Gravity (Postpaid)  Video call Rates
8 am-12 am 4p/1s or Tk 2.40/min12 am-8 am 2p/1s or Tk 1.20/min



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