airtel 3G Video Call Tk1/minute

 Now you can SEE your loved ones when you call them instead of just listening to their voices. Whether it is your parents far away or a special someone you've left behind, express yourself like never before. What's more, it's as simple as making a regular voice call.


Why Video call?
  • missed sharing a special moment with a loved one?
  • share your visual information instantly - its just one video call away
  • a great way to keep in touch with business colleagues
  • send live feeds to those who can’t be there when it counts
Tariff:  BDT 0.1917/10 Second Pulse (tk1 /minute)
Pulse: 10 Second Pulse will apply

To make a video call Caller and Receiver 3G handset with Video call option and also between 3G Coverage area.

  • How much data will be consumed if I make a video call?
Video call doesn’t consume data on Airtel 3G network. Therefore, you will not be consuming any data rather get billed according to the number of pulses spoken multiplied by the rate per 10 sec pulse.
  • What should I do when I am unable to make a video call despite of having the required handset & also being in Airtel 3G network connected?
To make a video call, it is necessary for both the parties to have a 3G phone with video calling capability & also both need to be connected on 3G network. You need to check if the person you are trying to call also have a video compatible 3G phone & s/he is connected to 3G network. If all the required conditions are fulfilled and still the video call is not established, plz call our Airtel customer care service.
  • Do I need a specific type of handset for making a video call or I can use my existing 3G compatible device?
In order to make a video call, it is necessary to have a handset /device which supports video calling.
  • Is it necessary for both the parties to have a 3G phone & service to be able to make & receive video calls?
Yes, it is necessary for both the parties to have a 3G mobile phone with video calling capability and they need to be connected on 3G network to make or receive video calls.
  • Can I still make a Video Call if I am out of Airtel 3G coverage areas?
Video Call must be made or received within Airtel 3G coverage area. No video call can be made or received if you are not in 3G coverage.
  • Will both my caller and I be charged for using and accepting Video Calls?
Charges are only applied to the calling party. There are no charges to the receiving party except in IR scenario.



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