Zoom Ultra Internet Packages

Ciltycell providing Zoom Ultra Internet Packages are follows


How to activate Zoom Ultra Plan?
Prepaid: SMS your desired plan name to 9666
For example write Ultra 3 in your message option and send to 9666
Postpaid: Ultra product is selected by Customer during new purchase or migration. If customer has already bought Ultra modem with 64k RUIM, she/he can request for Ultra product through Citycell helpline or from any CCC or CCP.

How to change Zoom Ultra Plan?
Prepaid: You have to deactivate your current plan first. SMS 'Zoom off' to 9666*.
After getting confirmation SMS of deactivation, SMS your desired plan name to 9666
*Unused data of your existing cycle will be forfeited.
Postpaid: To change the Zoom Ultra plan Customer has to visit nearest CCC / CCP or email at customerservice@citycell.com or can call at 121.

How to deactivate Zoom Ultra Plan?
Prepaid: SMS 'Zoom off' to 9666*
*Unused data of your existing cycle will be forfeited.
Postpaid: Deactivation of number can be done by dialing 121, visiting nearest CCC / CCP or emailing at customerservice@citycell.com. Data product de-allocation is treated as special case and are not encouraged.

How to check prepaid Zoom Ultra usage?
For a Pre-paid customer to know his/her current usage information, SMS 'Usage' to 811
How can a postpaid customer get to know about his/her Bill?
For current Bill and usage information, SMS 'Bill' to 7678 or log on to www.citycell.com/onlineselfcare. For monthly bill information through email, you can subscribe to Citycell'se-Bill service.

How to know your own Zoom Ultra number ?
If you are struggling to recall your own Zoom Ultra number then just write Mdn and send SMS to 7678 . You will receive an return SMS with your Zoom Ultra number.

Citycell Zoom Ultra Promotional/Privilege Packages (Upto 200% Usage Limit! )

Minipack  150Kbps 15MB 1Day Tk15 Prepaid Type "US1" and send to 9666
Minipack  512Kbps 15MB 1Day Tk20 Prepaid Type "US2" and send to 9666
Ultra Saver 300Kbps 4GB 4Months Tk1000 Prepaid Type "USVR" and send to 9666 

150Kbps 1GB+0.5GB Bonus 15Days Tk220 Prepaid Type "UP 1" and send to 9666

150Kbps 2.5GB+2.5GB Bonus 30Days Tk290 Prepaid/Postpaid Type "UP 2" and send to 9666

300Kbps 1GB+1GB Bonus 30Days Tk290 Prepaid Type "UP 3" and send to 9666 
300Kbps 1GB 30Days Tk190 Prepaid Type "UP 8" and send to 9666 
300Kbps 3GB+3GB Bonus 30Days Tk390 Prepaid/Postpaid Type "UP 4" and send to 9666 

512Kbps 2GB 30Days Tk290 Prepaid/Postpaid Type "UP 9" and send to 9666 
512Kbps 2GB+1GB Bonus 30 Days Tk490 Prepaid  Type "UP 5" and send to 9666 
512Kbps 5GB+5GB Bonus 30 Days Tk790 Prepaid/Postpaid Type "UP 6" and send to 9666 

To activate Pre-paid ultra plan, type the desired Ultra plan name from your Ultra connection and SMS to 9666

To activate Post-paid ultra plan, contact the customer care centre.

*Type ‘WAP’ and SMS to 9666 to browse internet from your handset
*EVDO enabled device is required to enjoy 512 kbps plan
*Speed refers to download speed only
*Extra usage fee applicable (Tk. 0.001/KB)
*VAT applicable

 Voice and Internet BUNDLE PLAN

Ultra Smart 1 : Price 300Tk
Internet Data 150Kbps 1GB
Citycell to Citycell 300 minutes
Citycell to Other 300 minutes
Any Number 300 SMS

Ultra Smart 2 : Price 600Tk
Internet Data 300Kbps 1GB
Citycell to Citycell 600 minutes
Citycell to Other 600 minutes
Any Number 600 SMS

*Change/de-activation of plan will be effective from the next bill cycle only
*Speed refer to download speeds only
*For additional usage
- Voice: Tk. 0.78/min to any local operator with 10 sec pulse.
- SMS: Tk. 0.50 to any local operator
- Ultra Smart 1 : Extra Usage Fee- Tk. 0.0004/KB
- Ultra Smart 2 : Extra Usage Fee- Tk. 0.0005/KB
*VAT applicable



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