Teletalk Migrate | Upgrade to 3G is Free Now!

3G Migration Now Free!

Migrate to Youth 3G, Type "Y3G" send to 555
No Charge charge applicable

Teletalk Youth 3G Package Details
Teletalk 3G Internet Packages

Teletalk internet configurations
Type "Set" send to 738 . Reply SMS [password cyle "1234" dia]

SIM 3G hoe gele 2G network a sim use kora jai.

1.Phone Setting a Network Setting "dual Mode" rakle,
-3G,2G network aksate pele 3G use hbe
-2G net pele[3G net na pele] 2G use korbe

2.Phone Setting a Network Setting "2G/GSM" select kore rakle shudu 2G network use hbe.So 3G network thakleo use hbena.

3.Phone Setting a Network Setting "3G/WCMA/HSPA" select kore rakle shudu 3G network use hbe.So 2G network thakleo use hbena.



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