now all banglalink priyojon customers will get free life insurance coverage of up to tk. 10 lakhs against their priyojon prize points!
  • as per our current modality, a customer having tk.150 usage in month can earn at least 25 prize point points in a month thus will be able to enjoy a free coverage amount tk.15,000.
  • customers will have to select their desired insurance package by themselves with the option to select an auto renewal process. in this case customer will get a notification each time the before auto-renewal.
  • to maintain their insurance coverage, the customer has to maintain a minimum amount of prize points as mentioned in the coverage table. in case the points are not met, the insurance coverage will drop to zero taka.


how to register for priyojon insurance

1. to start the registration, customer needs to send an sms to 9100
2. customer will send his nid age date of birth and name in the first sms
197166688889999 43 15011971
md adbul karim
3. in the second sms customer will send his nominees’ nid, nominee’s age, relationship with nominee ((father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, son, daughter ) and nominee name
198166688889999 33 brother
md abdul hannan
4. customer will receive an sms to send their address by sms
village: mahmudpur
post: bhairab
5. after sending the address, customer will receive the request to send first 3 letters of his thana name.
6. after sending first 3 letters of his thana name, customer will receive the suggestion via sms.
7. customer selects his thana name from the suggested list by sending the corresponding number.
8. customer will receive a declaration sms
i do hereby declare that i am in good health and the information that i have provided here is true and correct.
reply 1 to confirm.
always stay with banglalink.
9. customer confirms by replying with 1
10. customer will receive confirmation sms and request to select his desired package.

insurance coverage table

  • after registering, customer can select your desired insurance coverage by dialing *6000*3*2#.
  • customer can select from islamic insurance or general insurance
  • after selecting your type of insurance (islamic/general), the customer will be presented with the following table.
    insurance coverage (tk.) point required per month condition
    15000 30 minimum usage tk.100 per month in the last month
    20000 35
    30000 45
    50000 95
    100000 200 minimum usage tk.300/month in last 3 months
    1000000 2000 minimum usage tk.1000/month in last 6 months

how to claim insurance coverage

  • initial request can be sent through sms/ussd
  • insurance has to be claimed by nominee.
  • nominee need to visit banglalink customer care/banglalink points
1. nominee place the claim request by sending the policy holders msisdn or visit banglalink customer care/banglalink point
2. customer provides all necessary documents (death certificate of policy holder, copy of nid for both the customer and nominee, proof of relationship with nominee, e.g. marriage certificate, chairmen certificate etc.) to insurance agent
3. priyojon insurance agent verifies all the documents and process the claim request

terms and conditions

  • customers from 18-60 years old who are physically healthy can register for this insurance
  • this free life insurance is not applicable for disconnected numbers
  • customers need to provide the below information during the registration
    • name
    • nid
    • age
    • nominee name
    • relationship with nominee
    • nominee nid
    • nominee age
  • claim submission need to be done by nominee. nominee needs to submit the below documents during the claim
    • death certificate of insured customer
    • nid of the insured customer
    • sim card of the insured customer
    • proof of relation between nominee and the insured customer
      • nid
      • chairmen certificate
      • marriage certificate
      • insurance claim form (properly filled up by nominee)
  • nominee needs to submit the claim within 120 days of death of the insured customers.
  • all registered banglalink priyojon prize point customers will get free life insurance coverage.
  • a customer registered for priyojon insurance can avail a maximum of tk. 10,00,000 insurance coverage based on the monthly points redemptions
  • to maintain the insurance coverage the customer has to maintain the coverage prize points redeemed every month.
  • registration is valid until the customer cancels the registration but insurance coverage is based on monthly points redemptions
  • banglalink authority reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this program.
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