During Ramadan a number of religious queries arise, but there aren't many easy to find legitimate sources to provide correct answers. For all the devoted Muslims, GP is introducing a bunch of Islamic products for the occasion of Ramadan.


Following product/Service offered to customers –

SMS Services in 2200

SMS Service
(short code 2200)
Activation & USSDDeactivation
(send to 2200)
Charge*Max. SMS/DayMax. Charge/Day
Sehri Iftar AlertSTART IS
STOP ISTk 1/SMS        2Tk 2/Day
Namaz Hadith AlertSTART NH
STOP NHTk 1/SMS        2Tk 2/Day
Namaz Alert 5 TimeSTART NA
STOP NATk 1/SMS        5Tk 2/Day
*15% VAT will be added
- For SMS subscription, no additional subscription charge will be applicable

Azan Tune

ServiceActivationDeactivationSubscription FeeDownload Fee
Azan Welcome Tune'Wt Start Azan' to 4000'Wt Stop Azan' to 4000Monthly Tk 30/ Weekly Tk 7.5/ Daily Tk 1Tk 15
Azan Ichchhe Tune'It Start Azan' to 4000'It Stop Azan' to 4000Monthly Tk 30/ Weekly Tk 7.5/ Daily Tk 1Tk 15

  • Welcome Tune or Ichchhe Tune customers will be able to enjoy Azan Tune.
  • For existing Welcome Tune/Ichchhe Tune customers, regular download Fee BDT 15 will be applicable. For new users, regular subscription fee (Monthly BDT 30/Weekly BDT 7.5/Daily BDT 1) will be applicable.
  • Azan Tune will be playing before 15 minute to after 15 minute of Azan time. Prayer time of Islamic Foundation Bangladesh will be followed.
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