airtel Bangladesh is introducing a new prepaid package: Gangtalk.In this new package customers will be able to make his/ her own gang and talk at 0.5p/sec call rate for 24 hours. To migrate to Gangtalk, dial *121*130# (Free)

Besides, customers of this package can use Unlimited Facebook for only Tk5 by dialing *121*127#


1. Customer can migrate to this package by sending an SMS writing GT to 7353 or dial USSD *121*130# (FREE)

2. Customer has to send a friend request to add friends in his/her gang by writing Gang016XXXXXXXX (Friend’s number) and sending SMS to 56789 (FREE)

3. Then, the request has to be accepted by the friend through replying “Y” to 56789 (FREE)
The complete process of friend request sending and accepting is illustrated in the below graph:

After completion of the entire process customer A can call Customer B at 0.5p/sec 24 hours.

4. The call rate for customer B to Customer A will depends on different scenarios which are illustrated below:

5. Only customers of GangTalk package can make gang in this way

6.  Each friend request validity is of 2 days. Hence Customer has to respond to friend  request within 2 days of receipt, else customer A has to send a friend request again.

7. One customer can be a part of unlimited count of groups.

8. The call rate for Customer B if migrate to GangTalk package after accepting the gang request will depends on different scenario which are illustrated below:

9. Gang can be formed by adding airtel numbers only

10. If a customer B is in an FnF package and he has only 1 FnF slot vacant but he receives 2 gang request, then the request which is received first will be added as FnF and the later one will be treated as non FnF

11. Once the customer accepts one request, all the request in queue will be treated as accepted at one go.

12. When the customer is enjoying any special call rate offer, his/ her special rate will have the priority over this package call rate

13. Customers of this package can enjoy all airtel bundles, power packs, combos.

14. Customers of this package can enjoy all type of voice bonus.

15. Customer can buy the facebook pack by dialing *121*127# and its cost will be Tk 5 + VAT. Validity of the bundle is 1 day.

16. After the use of 30MB if a customer has any data volume in Free/Paid account that will be consumed first and then the customer will be able to browse facebook without any charge with 80kbps speed.
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