airtel brings new night talker offer!

  1. Eligible customers can get the following discounted call rates on on-net voice calls till the end of the campaign:
a)       BDT 0.25/min to airtel numbers (ONNET)
  1. The pulse of during the above call rate will be 10 seconds.
  2. The discounted tariff will be available to participants from 12.00 am to 04.59 am
  3. Participants will not be able to consume any voice bonus during the period of discounted call rates
  4. CashBack will be stopped during the special time. (0000hr to 0459hr)
  5. Eligible customers can enjoy PF Bundle, power pack and Value Voucher offers.
  6. PF Bundles, Power Recharge 115, power pack (15,55,199)  & BDT 65 Value Vouchers will get higher priority than the discounted tariff offer; i.e., from 12.00 am to 04.59 am.
  7. To register to this rate, customer has to recharge 23tk to his/her account
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