Banglalink Prepaid Play Package | 18 FNF | 1 Special FNF | 75MB 3G 25Tk | 5MB 2G 2Tk

banglalink play is a package for the young guns. to keep you connected, the package offers 18 fnf to all operators, and the best rate 4.17 paisa/10 sec to a special banglalink number. type “p” & send free sms to 9999 and start playing!


banglalink play highlights

  • 18 fnf (any operator) with best fnf rates in the market
  • one special fnf @ 4.17 paisa/10 sec
  • sms to fnf and special fnf number: 29 paisa/sms
  • mms to all banglalink number: 29 paisa/mms
  • special sms pack: 300 sms @ tk. 5/day
  • special data pack: 18 mb @ tk. 2/day
  • data pack gifting between members of this package

Migrate To Banglalink Play
Just type P and send sms to 9999 (free). you can also dial *999*1*147# (free).
You can change this package once every 7 days.
Add FNF and Special FNF
To add fnf type addnumber and send sms to 3300. 
To add fnf dial *166*11*number#
To add special fnf dial *166*7*number#.

Check current fnf and special fnf numbers?
To check fnf number dial *166*14#
To check special fnf number dial *166*10#.

Replace fnf and special fnf
To replace fnf number dial *166*12*old number*new number#.
To replace special fnf number dial *166*8*old number*new number#.

You can change each fnf  and special fnf can be changed once every 7 days.

You may check Banglalink Add/Delete/Change/Check FNF Special FNF

Free Facebook Browsing
from your handset’s default browser dial in case of using other proxy rendering browsers like opera or blackberry browser data charge will be applicable. in case of viewing any rich content (photo, videos etc.) and in case of going to another website link from facebook data charges will apply.

100SMS at 99 Paisa per day
To Activate dial *222*8#
To Deactivate dial *222*9#
Check sms balance dial *124*3#

300 SMS
3Days Validity 5Tk 
(150 SMS from12:00 AM-4:59 PM, 150 SMS from 5.00 PM-11:59 AM) 
To Activate Dial *222*4# 

75MB 3G Data Pack with 5 Days Validity at 25Tk 
To Activate Dial *5000*501#

5MB+5 SMS + 5 MMS at Tk 2 per day ekdom free.
 Active korte dial *5000*513#
 deactivate korte *222*2*30#. 
Check data balance dial *222*3#.
Free SMS ebong MMS balance dekhte dial korben *124*31#.

18MB at Tk 9.20 per day

To Activate dial *222*1*7#
To Deactivate dial *222*2*7#
Check data balance dial *222*3#.

Send internet pack gift to a friend
need to dial *132*15*number#. you can only send to another member of banglalink play package. you will be charged tk 2 (+vat) for this but your friend will not be charged anything.

banglalink play: exciting new offers!

banglalink play is a package for the young guns. we have introduced amazing new offers exclusively for the play subscribers. avail these offers and keep playing!

highlights of the new offers

service banglalink play: new offers
music station 30 days free subscription with 300 free browsing minutes
priyo tune (rrbt) 30 days free subscription with banglalink default tune
mobile tv 7 days free subscription
special sms pack 300 sms at tk.5
3g data pack 75 mb at tk.25

75mb 3g data pack

  • the price of 75mb pack is tk. 25 exclusively for play subscribers, the validity of the data pack is 5 days.
  • to activate this pack just dial *5000*501#
  • only banglalink play subscribers can enjoy this pack at tk.25, other subscribers can buy it at tk. 30
  • to know about consumed volume prepaid and call & control subscribers can dial *222*3*17# and postpaid subscribers can type 3g and send sms to 121.
  • to deactivate the pack, dial *222*2*17#
  • 15% vat applicable on charge

special sms pack

  • the play subscribers can buy 300 sms bundle at tk. 5. the subscribers can avail 150 sms from 12am-4.59pm and another 150 sms from 5pm-11:59pm
  • after the consumption of sms quota for each time window, regular rates for additional sms will apply
  • to purchase this sms bundle the play subscribers will have to dial an ussd string as *222*4#
  • to deactivate the sms bundle the subscribers can dial *222*5#
  • to know the remaining sms balance subscribers can dial *124*8#
  • the sms bundle can be used for sending sms to banglalink subscribers only.
  • only play subscribers are eligible to purchase this bundle.
  • the validity of the sms pack is 2 days
  • 15% vat applicable on charge

music station (1 month free subscription), priyo tune (1 month free subscription) and mobile tv (7 days free subscription)

  • this offer is applicable only for bl play subscribers who are not already registered to music station/priyo tune/mobile tv services
  • music station offer – 30 days free subscription with 300 free minutes
  • priyo tune offer – 30 days free subscription with banglalink default tune
  • mobile tv offer – 7 days free subscription
  • to avail above free subscription offers, play subscribers have to send “start” to 9090. no sms charge will be applicable.
  • after sending activation request subscribers can enjoy the free offers within 72 hours.
  • to deactivate music station service anytime, subscribers can type stop and send to 5858.
  • to deactivate priyo tune service anytime, subscribers can type stop and send to 4000.
  • to deactivate mobile tv service anytime subscribers can type stop acw & send to 7055.
  • regular service charges are applicable if users opt in to the services after free subscription period
  • the free subscription offer can be availed only once.



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