Get total 200% bonus in Speed, Data and monthly rent when you purchase New and Reactivated Postpaid connection. 


Category Offer
Get total 200% bonus when purchase a new Postpaid connection.
  • 100% Bonus Speed on 1st month
  • 50% Bonus Data on 1st month
  • Total 50% Cash Discount on plan cost in two months, 25% on 1st month and 25% on 2nd month
  1. 15% VAT is applicable after discount.
  2. Bonus speed and data will be posted within 48 hours of payment.
  3. Cash discount will be posted into customers’ account within 48-72 hours after bill generation.
  4. If the customer migrates to another plan then he will lose the cash discount benefit.
  5. Regular speed and usage will be applicable from 2nd month.
  6. Regular monthly fee will be applicable from 3rd month and onward.

Internet Plan: Postpaid
Limited Data Plans
Speed Data Limit Monthly Fee
512 Kbps 2 GB Tk.348
5.5 GB Tk.650
8 GB Tk.800
16 GB Tk.950
768 Kbps 8 GB Tk.850
12 GB Tk.1050
1 Mbps   5 GB Tk.783
8 GB Tk.1000
16 GB Tk.1300
2 Mbps   5 GB  Tk.1217
8 GB  Tk.1565
16 GB  Tk.2174

King/King Pro Plans
Speed Data Limit Monthly Fee
300 Kbps King Tk.950
512 Kbps  King Tk.1250
King Pro Tk.1950
1 Mbps  King Tk.2100
King Pro Tk.2750
2 MBps  King Tk.4950
King Pro Tk.5650
  • 15% VAT is applicable on Monthly Fee
  • Additional usage charge is Tk. 0.15/MB (VAT applicable)
  • Fair Usage Policy is applicable on all King and King Pro Plans

Internet Plan: Prepaid
Speed Scratch Card Data Volume Validity
Up to
1 Mbps

 Tk.99 400 MB 3 Days
 Tk.199 1 GB 14 Days
Tk.399   2.5 GB 30 Days
Tk.699  5 GB 30 Days
Tk.999  7 GB 60 Days
Tk.1499  12 GB 90 Days
VAT included
  1. Customer has to purchase device at market price for new connection to choose any of these plans.
  2. Existing customer can choose any of these plans through migration request.

Q. What are device prices?
A. USB: Postpaid Tk.1999/Prepaid Tk.2499 and Falcon Z Pocket router: Postpaid Tk.3800 
Q. Is the discount applicable to existing customers?
A. No. This discount will not be applicable for existing customer. Discount is only allowed on monthly fee. VAT will be calculated after deduction from monthly fee.
Q. What will happen if customer uses extra usage?
A. Customer has to pay additional charge for extra usages. Discount will not be applicable for these extra charges.  15% VAT is applicable on extra charge.  
Q. How long will it take to get the discount?
A. Discount amount will be posted within 72 hours after bill generation.
Q. Can I migrate (downgrade/upgrade/change) my package and continue the bonuses?
A. You can migrate your package where allowed, but any discount that come along with the package will be lost.

Kaspersky Offer
New customer can purchase a Tk.1099 worth of Kaspersky Internet Security by only Tk.350.
Kaspersky Offer
Postpaid & Prepaid
Pay additional Tk.350 and get a Kaspersky Internet Security
  1. Kaspersky purchase is optional and depends on stock available on hand.
  2. Valid for new Banglalion customer (Postpaid & Prepaid).
  3. Only one Kaspersky per user.
  4. Customer may return the Kaspersky as long as the packet is unopened or the seal is unbroken. Any tear/opened/broken Kaspersky will not be returnable.
  5. Payment of the Kaspersky must be made with cash/CC etc. separately. BCL scratch card is not applicable for this.

For any Kaspersky related questions please call hotline + (88) 01730001171, 01732715770, 01755593090 or
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For any query, call Careline at 09611-556677 or 16313
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