Buy Symphony and win Dhaka-Bangkok-Dhaka air ticket everyday!

Buy Symphony and win Dhaka-Bangkok-Dhaka air ticket everyday!
1. This offer is valid for any new Symphony handset from 19 September, 2014.
2. To be a part of this offer, send the IMEI number of the handset to 3690 number.
3. The IMEI number is written on the box of the handset and beneath the battery . You can also find out your IMEI number by dialling *#06# from your handset. Only the first IMEI can be SMS-ed.
4. The IMEI number of a handset can only be sent once. There will be no restriction on the mobile number or operator.
5. Please send the SMS during the ongoing offer through your new Symphony handset. In other words, you must use the same handset to SMS its IMEI number.
6. Everyday an IMEI number will be chosen from a collection of IMEI lots through a lottery system and then be announced.
7. The winner will be called directly from 09666777007 to give details of the offer and the further directions regarding this.
8. For further details, contact the numbers 16272 (only through mobile phones) or 09666700666 (through mobile or land phones). These numbers are open from 8:00 AM to 10 PM everyday except for Fridays and national holidays.
9. Employees of the Edison-Group, their family members cannot participate in this offer.
10. This offer will run from 19th September, 2014 to 31st October, 2014.
11. Symphony retains the right to change, reform or close this offer without any prior announcement.



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