Symphoni GoFox F15 3G Smartphone 4650Tk

Finally the wait is over! The newest mobile Operating System, the Firefox OS, will soon be coming to Bangladesh and unleashing a whole new internet experience for you! Grameenphone, in association with Mozilla and Symphony, proudly bring the first Firefox OS Smartphone to Bangladesh, Symphony GoFox F15! This is only the second Asian country where this OS will be launched!
Symphoni-GoFox-F15-3G-SmartphoneThe phone comes equipped with the innovative Firefox OS, which is run on HTML 5 and has cool, innovative features like adaptive search (which means that, when you search for something on your handset, the apps related to your search appear on your phone instantly, and the amazing thing is, your phone display changes according to what you searched for!) And the best thing is, only on the Firefox OS Smartphone will you get fun ways to earn FREE INTERNET and many other benefits!

Handset Price: BDT 4650

The Best Things About Firefox OS:

WowBox: Interface platform lets you earn internet just by clicking on different offers!
Adaptive App search: Changes your screen instantly to reveal the apps and content related to your search.
Firefox Marketplace: Features the world’s best-known apps as well as unique, local content.
Firefox Browser: Is the fastest and the safest way to get the best of the web.


WowBox is a one-of-its-kind interface specifically developed to bring the internet to everyone. It comes pre-installed in the phone and is free to use. The way it works is simple: just swipte left to right on your Firefox phone to access the WowBox page, where you’ll find a list of offers. You can click and activate your desired offers, earn free internet and tokens to get even more fun stuff!

How to use WowBox:

To earn internet:
Simply click on the Offer saying ‘20MB internet’, and enjoy! This is an introductory offer which you can enjoy once a day, only if you are a Bondhu customer!
To earn tokens:
On each offer, you’ll find a designated number of tokens. When you click on a specific offer to activate, you’ll also earn the tokens that the offers come with. These tokens can be used later to ‘buy’ data or redeem to get great contents and offers for your mobile.

Offer Details:

Offer 1: This is a special offer where you can purchase 50 MB 3G data at 10 Tk only (valid for 15 days)! You will earn 10 tokens for this.
Offer 2: You can purchase the regular data packs and earn points as per below table:
ServiceChargePoints earned
75 MB 3G Internet (512 kbps) Validity 5 daysBDT 25    25
Monthly 250 MB pack (512 kbps) Validity 30 daysBDT 99   99
1 GB 3G pack (512 kbps) Validity 30 daysBDT 300   300
2 GB 3G pack (512 kbps) Validity 30 daysBDT 400   400
Bondhu SMS bundle (validity 3 days)BDT 5     5
*15% VAT Applicable

After accumulating token points, you can redeem them to get your favorite data packs for free as per table below:
PointsData Packs
 200  75 MB 3G 512 kbps pack
  600  250 MB 3G 512 kbps pack
  1200   1 GB 3G 512 kbps pack
  1500  2 GB 3G 512 kbps pack

Terms and Conditions:

  • 20 MB data offer, activating offers from WowBox and earning tokens are applicable only to Bondhu customers who purchase a GoFox F15 handset
  • If the customer uses the tokens, the overall token count that he/she has will reduce automatically
  • For the free 20 MB 3G data, auto-renewal will not be applicable, Internet will be deactivated after expiration date
  • Above mentioned tariff are limited time promotional offer and will be applicable for the campaign duration (up to December 14, 2014).
  • For 3G data, maximum speed will be 512 Kbps
  • Speeds tiers refer to maximum ceiling of the respective speed tier. Average likely speed will depend on multiple factors such as handset used, website visited and distance from BTS etc.
  • After Sales service for the handset will be given from Symphony service centers and warranty offered is 1 year from purchase date.
  • Above mentioned tariff are limited time promotional offer and will be applicable for the campaign duration (3 months).
  • To check Internet Balance dial *567#
  • Validity of 20 MB data is 1 day, and validity of 50 MB data is 15 days
  • Extra usage fee of BDT 0.01/10KB after volume expiration before expiry date
  • To get this SMS bundle offer, customers can either dial *111*10*6# (free) or send SMS by typing the keyword START SMS and send the SMS to 9999
  • Customers will be charged BDT 5 (+ 15 % VAT) for availing the bundle SMS offer
  • Validity of the SMS bundle will be 3 days
  • The bundle SMS will be applicable for GP-GP SMS only. Port/International/GP-Other Operator SMS is not applicable
  • To check the balance of the SMS, customers can dial *566*2# (free)
  • Customers will get notification SMS after getting the free data and discounted data
  • 15% vat applicable
 Symphoni-GoFox-F15-3G-SmartphoneSymphoni GoFox F15 3G Smartphone
Price 4,650 Tk

Operating System : Firefox.
Processor.  1 GHz single-core processor as prasesarah
DISPLAY: 3.5-inch TFT display 320x480 pixel resolution.
RAM: 512 MB
Camera 3.2 megapixel rear camera, 0.3 megapixel front camera
GPU: Mali 400
SENSOR G-sensor, motion sensor
Battery  1450 lithium-ion
One SIM,3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.



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