airtel Free WhatsApp

airtel Bangladesh has launched free WhatsApp for its internet subscribers. This will cover using the WhatsApp application free of data charges.


No data charges will be applied for airtel data subscribers who use the WhatsApp app.

Where the offer is applicable
a)       To obtain the offer subscribers don’t need to do any activity, simply if they use the WhatsApp app, no charge will be applied.
b)       Downloading WhatsApp will be chargeable.WhatsApp can be download from
c)       Using WhatsApp to chat, send or receive pictures, videos will be free.
d)       There is a 20MB daily limit on free WhatsApp usage. After 20MB is reached, further usage is blocked.

Where the offer is not applicable
i.            If subscriber tries to connect any other link/site other WhatsApp the charge free offer will not be applicable. i.e: going to any external links which are shared via WhatsApp.
ii.          if subscribers try uses internet for any other external links or apps other than WhatsApp, the subscribers will be charge from his other volume based pack if available
iii.         if subscribers don’t have any other volume based pack then for such sites or apps other than WhatsApp, he/she will be charged as pay as you go from main account



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