20Tk Lottery Cancer Hospital POF Lottery Draw 27 April 2019
Professor Dr. Obayedullah-Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital and Research Institute (POFF) Lottery 2019

Draw 27 April 2019 

To Check Result (28 April 2019 After 12PM)
Type "pof < space> Series & Ticket Number" send to 26969
Example " pof ka123456" send to 26969

To Buy Ticket  Type "pof" send to 16329 or Dial *16239#

20Tk-Lottery-Cancer-Hospital-Lottery-Draw-13-April-2019 .jpg


20Tk Lottery BCS Lottery Draw 19 February 2019 Bangladesh Cancer Society
Bangladesh Cancer Society Hospital & Welfare Home Lottery Ticket-2018
Draw 9 February 2019
Bangladesh Cancer Society Lottery 2018
Buy Through SMS Type "BCS" send to 16329
Draw 9 February 2019

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