Robi BONUS On Daily Usage! Enjoy up to 450% BONUS!

 Robi has come up with an exciting new offer for its prepaid subscribers. In this offer, prepaid subscribers will be given more than 450% bonus benefits based on their daily usage. To enjoy the offer subscriber needs to dial *8666*20# (FREE) for the registration and immediately after achieving the target for every slabs, subscriber will be given upto 450++ Bonus.


Dial first the USSD code *8666*20# (FREE) to avail the offer.

Every day for TK 10 usage, below bonuses will be given
- 3 minutes talk time
- 3 SMS
- 3 MMS

Every day for TK 15 usage, below bonuses will be given
- 5 minutes talk time
- 5 SMS
- 5 MMS

Every day for TK 20 usage, below bonuses will be given
- 10 minutes talk time
- 10 SMS
- 10 MMS

• Subscribers need to dial first the USSD code *8666*20# (FREE) to avail the offer.
• All prepaid subscribers will be eligible for the offer except Uddokta and Easyload
• Usage will be considered for the local voice calls and local SMS including VAT.
• To know the usage free dial *444*20#
• Bonus minutes and SMS can be used in Robi-Robi numbers and MMS can be used in any numbers.
• Bonus validity will be 2 days. Bonus usage time 5 am to 5 Pm
• Bonus usage query: Minute: *222*3# SMS *222*11# MMS *222*13#.
• Only FNF of Hoothaat Chomok 32 subscribers can avail the bonus mins.
• Nobanno 37 subscribers will be able to enjoy free mins only during 8am-5pm
• Subscriber will get all three slabs bonus once in a day
• One subscriber can get maximum 18 mins, 18 SMS and 18 MMS in a day.



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