Offer End in 13 January,2015

Grameenphone 3G gets even better! Grameenphone is thrilled to announce that all valued Grameenphone 3G customers will now get double the speed in their respective data packages without any extra charge. For example: all our data customers who are currently on 512 kbps 3G package, will now get up to 1 Mbps speed without paying anything extra and customers currently using 1 Mbps pack will get up to 2 Mbps speed.

Also, as part of the 50 Million celebration, Grameenphone data customers will get the maximum available speed from 10 pm to 4 pm. This celebration offer will continue until further notice.

Please also note that the speed referred to is the maximum download speed and the actual speed may vary depending on the following conditions:
  1. Website/applications accessed
  2. Handset/device used to browse/access internet
  3. Time of the day
  4. Location


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