Qubee Wimax New Connection Modems Start from BDT 1000! Get an exciting new Hoodie with new monthly package

QUBEE modems start from BDT 1000! Get EXTRA volume upon purchase of monthly packages with new modems.Additionally, get a winter Hoodie and BDT 600 OFF on monthly packages.You can simply leave a message on the website and we will get in touch with you for a new connection.


Extra Volume Offer

2 GB extra volume for below BDT 1000 packages
4 GB extra volume for BDT 1000 – 1499 packages
8 GB extra volume from BDT 1500 packages

Additionally, get a winter Hoodie and BDT 600 OFF on monthly packages

Terms and Conditions
  • Extra volume would be added to next month’s billing period
  • Extra volume offer applicable for all new monthly packages purchased with a new modem only (Except Dongle)
  • Extra volume offer not applicable upon purchase of any package with any refurbished modems
  • BDT 600 off will be distributed in 2 months, BDT 400 will be discounted from first month’s bill followed by BDT 200 on next month’s bill
  • BDT 600 discount offer not applicable for 1 Mbps 2GB monthly package
  • Hoodie offer not applicable for 1 Mbps 2GB, 1 Mbps 4GB monthly packages or any packages with Dongle modem
  • Customer will be provided with a coupon for the hoodie upon purchase of eligible packages
  • Customer will have to follow the instructions on the coupon to get a hoodie
  • QUBEE management reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice
  • Sky package FUP limit at 1Mbps package speed is 45GB, at 2 Mbps speed is 50GB and at 4Mbps speed is 55GB. Sky Plus package FUP limit is 60GB
  • If allocated volume is over before billing month ends, connection will still be active at compromised speed of up to 256 kbps for capped/Sky packages and up to 512 kbps for Sky plus packages
  • All offers valid for a limited period

Modems Monthly Packages Pre Pay Packages
New Device Price in BDT Refurbished Device Price in BDT New Device Price in BDT Refurbished Device Price in BDT
 Dongle-Modem-little-resized Dongle 1000 1000 2000 2000
 img4 Shuttle 2000 1500 2500 2000
 img3 Rover 1000 1000 2000 2000
 img1 Gigaset 3500 3000 4500 4000
 tower Tower 5000 4500 6000 5500
Please Note
• Inquire about the network coverage in your area before purchasing a new connection
• Speed/speed limit mentioned in any communication indicates the maximum speed that can be experienced
• Multiple factors like internet traffic, web page accessed, destination server, distance from tower and hardware/equipment used may cause variation in actual speed experience
• Volume consumption amounts include both downloads and uploads
• All prices are VAT inclusive; no hidden charges apply

Qubee WiMAX Prepaid Postpaid Internet Packages

QUBEE-wimax-new-connection-modems-price-start-from-BDT 1000qubee-wimax-new-connection-packages



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